Inspired Living-Maya

Inspired Living

Today Maya Angelou died. I felt her passing and allowed a just few tears.
I cannot deeply mourn. She would not like that. She would tell me to remember what a phenomenal journey and woman she was. She would tell me she was going home and that she wouldn’t take nothing for her journey. Oh yes, by this time, all those ancestors and family, loved ones–some of whom she wrote about–are celebrating with bells and hoots, the music that was the background to her life here on earth, and dancing the dances of her creation. She has left us a legacy of inspired writing, and a way to sing as caged birds. She has told us that inspite of that which would hold us down, we still rise. We rise. So now has her Soul essence.
Yesterday I wrote about not living under the rule of the mind and the structures that drive and limit us. We do that by relying on the Spirit. Maya did that. She had huge struggles and pain, but she rose to her full potential–author,dancer, singer, dancer, actor, polyglot, Presidential Poet, speaker, Civil Rights activist, Womanist and way shower. She passes the tourch on the pulse of this morning. Maya you are my Shero now and always. God’s speed and thank you for your inspiriation and pathfinding model. Here’s the Daily Word: Inspiration

Divinely inspired, I create a wonderful life.
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I cherish my capacity to receive inspiration from Spirit, to create and use the power of my thoughts, words, and actions to manifest my good in the world.

At the center of my being is an all-­knowing guide. This divine source contains the ideas and answers I need to create a wonderful life. My job is to design that life and call on the wisdom of divine guidance to create it in the physical world.

Through prayer, I ask Spirit to show me the way. I listen carefully and discern what is mine to do. I trust my intuition and realize I am here to live in happiness and joy. I deserve to be inspired by Spirit. I deserve to have a beautiful life.
O you who dwell in the gardens, my companions are listening for your voice; let me hear it.—Song of Solomon 8:13

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