Keeping the Consciousness Open to Larger Truth.

Keeping the Consciousness Open to Larger Truth.

We seem to be of three minds. The one that plans and directs our days through an internal dialogue with the body and the will. The one that is subtle and unvoiced but of the resident collective force of wishes and desirse. The other one is the constrictions of allowance. That is we do what is available or open to do and that is animal response or mind.

Even if we keep no day book, we have a plan for our days. Get up, eat, wash, dress, go about the day accidentally or on purpose. This may or may not be purposeful but you live so you do the day some kind of way. Hopefully it is fulfilling and concomittant with your wishes and desires. You may feel rewarded or not but you do it blindly and perfunctorily.

The things you think about and have been thinking about for a long time are also directing you. If you have old stuff that you have not released, it is blocking or driving you and you have a sense that no matter how you apply your talents ans skills, you are not moving. But you are moving ever so imperceptibly toward an effect of your thought causes. Things will show up (or not) as a result of how you think whether you’re aware or not.

Stores open and close. Clocks and government set the agenda for whole states, cities, towns and households. Do’s and don’t for driving, or buying impinge on our lives. We do what we are able to do within the confines of the rules and directives of life. We buy an umbrella if it rains or we don’t. We buiy one if it’s available. Either way, we have forces imposing on our choices and wishes. These three minds may or may not be a part of our understanding. You may have more ways of seeing your life and all of life. You may name the three conscious states differently and count more or less of them.

But if you can identify with this notation, then know you are standing outside of the box. Your observation of life is likely unbothered by your three minds because you are operating in the Zone of Heaven . The place is where the magic of life happens and you laugh a little because you have the key to the door or spiritual freedom and vision. All things work together for good. Those who meet the appearance of evil with sly superiority or peace of mind know how. Those who can forgive do. Those who wait and serve, are enlightened beyond rules or states of mind. There is no death and hence only victory in challenge.
This is my analysis of opening to larger truth. Here’s the Daily Word:
Through understanding, I am comforted.
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If I am bewildered or distressed by the challenges I face, I turn within in heart and mind for divine understanding. From my human perspective, life may at times appear unjust; but from a divine perspective, every experience has a higher meaning.

Difficult situations are like the trips and falls of childhood—even through occasional tears, I learned and improved. As I look back now, I realize that these challenges were my greatest teachers.

I am comforted and strengthened as my understanding deepens. I stand strong through times of doubt and keep my consciousness open to the larger truth.

My mind and heart are at peace as I trust in the eternal goodness of God and the unfolding wonder of life.
O comfort my people, says your God.—Isaiah 40:1

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