Working in the Space of Prosperity–Preamble to the Daily Word

Working in the Space of Prosperity—

I recently found a bag of books that were being recycled by someone. It was a nearly complete set of the novels of Iris Murdoch, the late British writer. There are over 20, and I have begun reading her chronologically. She inspires me. She is philosophical and she is able to pierce the veils of consciousness and thought as she examines human behavior and actions in intensely complex fictions. I have so far read The Unicorn and The Black Prince. I will start over from The Green and the Red and read through to The Book and the Brotherhood.

I also discovered on a search of my former name SDiane Adamz Bogus, a book entitled, The Queer Limit of Black Memory by someone named Matt Richardson. In it he discusses one of my neo-slave narratives called The Champayne Lady. It is about a youg woman raised as a white who falls in love with a former slave. It is broader and deeper, but that is the gist. The discussion of my work was included with that of others, but it was given quiet a few pages of analyzation in relationship to the editor’s investigation of historic memory in the literature of Black lesbian writers.

I ordered the book from Amazon. This set me on a new path. I have a working manuscript called Serpentine Fire. It is autobiographical and traces my writing career from 1982 to present. I am feeling motivated to get it in proper form for publication. I have set myself a daily writing routine, and I am revising and editing and collecting the essays together that I have written over these last 40 or so years. For a time, I had stopped writing because I felt I had lost status and my topics were not being followed, but as it goes now, I begin to see that the gap in my writing career and the public reception has been a fermenting time. It won’t be long before I’ll be in print again and my readers will be happy to reconnect and hear from me. This is prosperity in the making, and I am feeling fulfilled and guided.

I invite you all to contine to follow me here and at my website I will also be starting a weekly video broadcast on the TOPICS that I speak to:psychic, spiritual, literary, and personal. Stay with me.
Here’s your Daily Word:

God is my source. I claim abundant good.
Saturday, May 24, 2014

During his ministry, Jesus demonstrated how God was his unfailing source of supply. When the disciples worried about their next meal, Jesus taught them to release their worry and trust that provision would come.

I learn from the example of Jesus. I ask and know it will be given. I seek and know I will find; I knock and trust the door will be opened. I am receptive to God’s blessings and actively do my part by following my inner guidance. The doors of prosperity open for me.

God is unlimited. As I trust in God as my unfailing source of supply, I am blessed beyond measure. I have all I need.

Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.—Matthew 7:7

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