The Great Good–A Poem (c) SDiane Adamz Bogus, 2014

The Great Good (s) SDiane Adamz Bogus (AKA Shariananda)2014

We have come through a lot, you and I
Walked from the day of our birth to this road here
Stood in lines longer than our pain
Coughed up miracles when our coats were too thin

Seen a lot, have we, through these eyes
Late night bad news and replays of tragedy
No one is taller than our stretch to be human and alive
No one in the grave, I say this in truth–is there

We have learned how to welcome trouble
To meet it like it is special delivery for happiness
The moments of travail turn like the proverbial dime
One.One. One. One. So tally the triumphs, so comes victory

Prayers sound in great towers, the bells of our sainthood
We are already saved, succorred, anointed –taught by tears
Redeemed by our will to die and meet the great good once and for all
The Great Good that is our own revelation of Soul, of Godhead.

Here’s your Daily Word
My blessings multiply as I focus on the good in my life.
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Genesis, God called all of creation good. Good is everywhere present. We can compare the good in all to the power of electricity. Electricity existed before humans discovered it, just as my good exists before I have manifested it. Good exists whether we perceive it or not. Through awareness, imagination, and faith, we behold the potential for good and bring it forth in our lives.

Like flipping a switch to turn on the lights, I turn my attention to everything good. As I focus on my blessings, they multiply. I turn on the light of Spirit in me and see my good increase.

The greatest gifts of life are mine to claim, and I am open to receive them. As I focus on my good, it continually expands.
God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance.—2 Corinthians 9:8


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