Harmony as being All Right With Yourself

Harmony as Being Alright with Yourself

Okay, let’s see. A check list may be in order:
Do I like my hair? yes
Are my teeth okay? Naw–need to see a dentist for cleaning.
Are my clothes up to date and in good shape–yes–for most part
Am I in good health–yes, but I do have my aches & pains
Am I eating right?–Yes, remarkably
Am I sleeping as my body requires–not always–but mostly
Am I working toward my dreams? Intending with pending things.
Am I staying in touch with Source? Yes
Am I meditating regularly–well–I have been a little spotty.
Am I spending my money wisely ? Yes, with some affordable treats
Am I satisfied with my self? I like my own company. I help others. Yea.
Is there something I am doing I need to stop–I could reduce my candy in-take and I could write more.
Is there something I am really proud that I do or have done–yep–I drove a stick shift on the Denmark toll bridge!! Also, I’m speaking Danish better!
So, all in all, you seem to be in harmony with yourself–
You didn’t ask me about my marriage—it’s the source of my happiness and balance and we are in deep harmony most days
Here’s the Daily Word
Attuned to Spirit, I experience harmony.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My body is an expression of the pure substance of Spirit. My mind is the channel through which Spirit’s revitalizing energies flow into my physical being.

I keep my mind in harmony with Truth by dismissing any thoughts of lack or limitation. I nurture a realization of wholeness and well-being in my consciousness. I affirm: I am beautiful, loving, and healthy. I am joyful, peaceful, and whole.

When I attune to Spirit, I become a clear channel for the harmonizing and restoring power of Divine Love. Every cell of my body vibrates with this magnificent force. Spirit’s power flows easily and naturally throughout my being, keeping me in perfect balance.
O Lord, by these things people live, and in all these is the life of my spirit. Oh, restore me to health and make me live!—Isaiah 38:16

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