Quick and Easy–Letting Go–Not Really–It Takes Inner Work

Quick and Easy–Letting Go–Not Really–It Takes Inner Work

I find this Daily Word one of the hard ones. Mostly because it says one can “let go” of limited thinking, but “limited thinking” is a concept suggesting that one knows which of one’s thoughts limit one’s growth and forward progress. Maybe saying, “I can’t go to Mallorca this year” is limited thinking yet, perhaps, I can if I set my mind to it. Perhaps “limited thinking” is engaging in self-defeating inner-talk like “I’ll never have enough (money, time, support, –name anything). So, one must be able to identify when one is limiting one’s horizons by thinking in limited or hopeless terms. Every thought is a prayer Unity teaches.So one must be alert to those things that drag us into self-depreciation and disrespect for our ability to bring what we desire into our lives. What can trigger that kind of awakening? How do you identify when you are or have been continually thinking about “why I can’t” rather than” if we do” or “when I will” a positive change can take place.

Negative influences” like hanging around people who have no ambition or who do drugs or who are stuck in a rut–people who have no money, no faith, no trust, only body aches and misery,bad memories and bad times to share. They have no sense of their connection to Spirit and they live outside the magic and miracles of each day. These are negative influences. Being a news junkie–when the news is all bad, can be a “negative influence” draining off your sense of joy, hope, and great expectations.

Finally, unhealthy habits like smoking , or drinking too much alcohol, or skipping meals, or eating too much, or eating too many carbs or fats in the form of a diet of burgers and fast foods. Maybe failing to exercise or do anything for anybody because you’re so focused on yourself is equally unhealthy. It disconnects you and leaves you feeling alone or unloved.
So this Daily word raises some serious issues to grapple with–to let go. How you do it, is to stop–if it is a stoppable action. Only prayer and meditation can reveal some of these inner restrictions and obstacles. But the good news is, you have the power to let go, once you realize the big three:limited thinking, negative influences, and unhealthy habits. It takes time, but every thought throughout every day will manifest the freedom and power to leave the big three behind. Set loose a red balloon in your mind filled with the stuff you wish to release as a daily practice, That will be a physical “letting go”. It works. Here’s the DW:

Let Go
I let go and open my life to greater good.
Monday, May 12, 2014

Letting go can be such an empowering experience! I let go of limited thinking, negative influences and experiences, and unhealthy habits that drain my energy.

As I let go, I open the door to greater good—to new relationships, positive interactions, freedom, and contentment. By letting go, I become willing to receive new blessings.

I place my trust in a power greater than myself and know without a doubt that God is with me and within me, guiding all I do. As I loose and let go of that which no longer serves my highest good, my life flourishes. I embrace my transformation with joy and grow in God!
Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you.—Revelation 3:20

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