Release Our Nigerian sisters, Boko Harum!


By now many of you have heard about the young Nigerian women and girls who have been abducted from their school and are now in the hands of extremists. The group is called Boko Harum and they have been on television threatening to sell the girls. Meanwhile they go on killing others. It is so so bad. I do not typically use this column for social political commentary. But their is strength in numbers. if you can imagine the fear and uncertainty that those young women are living with. If you can imagine what may be happening to them–their very beings violated. They may be scantily dressed, cold, hungry and powerless against this confinement against their wills. Think about their families–the anxiety, the worry, the sickening wondering when and if their children will be returned. We must stand in solidarity with them and against such heinous acts.We may have no secret ops nor any special forces, but we have our hearts. We have our humanity. We have prayer and action out of faith. Pass this on. For myself and those who would stand with me for our kidnapped and endangered sisters, Release them! Release Our Sisters,now. There is strength iin numbers.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Strength enables me to persevere when I am challenged; yet I don’t need to endure alone. The presence of God strengthens me whenever I need energy to meet any adversity.
Just as I nourish my body at mealtimes to remain physically strong, I nourish my spiritual strength through prayer and meditation. Prayer reminds me that God and I are one, that everything I need is already available to me. I connect with God’s mighty presence by affirming: My resilience comes from Spirit within. My strength is the energy of God.
As I partner with God in prayer, I become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I meet any challenge through the presence of God that strengthens me.
The Lord is my strength and my might, and he has become my salvation.–Exodus 15:2

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