Attitude of Gratitude–Preamble to Daily Word “gratitude”

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Today I prayed to God for forgiveness (in this way I forgive myself).
I have been complaining and pissing and moaning about wanting work, a new place to live (more space),a new phone, a new car, a better income and mulling over my health as if it is all down hill.

I hardly ever act this way, but I see that I still have old programming about “things”, my own timing (not divine), and what it means to “age”. I apologized for my inability to think positively about my knees (which have been giving me trouble since I came to Denmark). I apolozied for not being more patient with my progress and my acquistion of more “comforts.” I apologized for thinking hard of V because she misunderstands my need to ocntribute. I have been in a slight funk and it was not clear to me until just yesterday.

So after an acupunctur treatment today, I painlessly walked from the doctor’s office to the train statio, and I stopped at a church along the way. I asked for forgiveness, and talked it over with Spirit. I offered gratitude for what I do have, especailly Viv’s good attention to my needs and education. I felt contrition and relief. To close, I asked for a “red car” passing as a sign that my prayer had been heard. I waited patiently for 3 minutes, a small red stationwagon zoomed by. That proof was not to prove God but to affirm I can create something out of nothing, and that I am in the flow of Spirit. I am so grateful to come back to myself–again. Here’s your Daily Word:
I am grateful for all!
Friday, May 30, 2014

Even when circumstances are not what I hoped for, I find an aspect for which to be grateful. Even when my outer world changes, I am grateful for the unchanging spirit of God in me.

Spirit gives me life. I draw on perfect life with every breath. Spirit provides me love. I am loved unconditionally and I share that love with others. Spirit provides me peace. I liberate myself from burdensome thoughts and struggles as I reconnect with inner stillness.

I am thankful for all that Spirit provides. Although outer conditions shift and change, I remain centered in gratitude for the divine gifts that are mine.

Thank you, God, for everything!
Since we are receiving a

Inspired Living-Maya

Inspired Living

Today Maya Angelou died. I felt her passing and allowed a just few tears.
I cannot deeply mourn. She would not like that. She would tell me to remember what a phenomenal journey and woman she was. She would tell me she was going home and that she wouldn’t take nothing for her journey. Oh yes, by this time, all those ancestors and family, loved ones–some of whom she wrote about–are celebrating with bells and hoots, the music that was the background to her life here on earth, and dancing the dances of her creation. She has left us a legacy of inspired writing, and a way to sing as caged birds. She has told us that inspite of that which would hold us down, we still rise. We rise. So now has her Soul essence.
Yesterday I wrote about not living under the rule of the mind and the structures that drive and limit us. We do that by relying on the Spirit. Maya did that. She had huge struggles and pain, but she rose to her full potential–author,dancer, singer, dancer, actor, polyglot, Presidential Poet, speaker, Civil Rights activist, Womanist and way shower. She passes the tourch on the pulse of this morning. Maya you are my Shero now and always. God’s speed and thank you for your inspiriation and pathfinding model. Here’s the Daily Word: Inspiration

Divinely inspired, I create a wonderful life.
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I cherish my capacity to receive inspiration from Spirit, to create and use the power of my thoughts, words, and actions to manifest my good in the world.

At the center of my being is an all-­knowing guide. This divine source contains the ideas and answers I need to create a wonderful life. My job is to design that life and call on the wisdom of divine guidance to create it in the physical world.

Through prayer, I ask Spirit to show me the way. I listen carefully and discern what is mine to do. I trust my intuition and realize I am here to live in happiness and joy. I deserve to be inspired by Spirit. I deserve to have a beautiful life.
O you who dwell in the gardens, my companions are listening for your voice; let me hear it.—Song of Solomon 8:13

Keeping the Consciousness Open to Larger Truth.

Keeping the Consciousness Open to Larger Truth.

We seem to be of three minds. The one that plans and directs our days through an internal dialogue with the body and the will. The one that is subtle and unvoiced but of the resident collective force of wishes and desirse. The other one is the constrictions of allowance. That is we do what is available or open to do and that is animal response or mind.

Even if we keep no day book, we have a plan for our days. Get up, eat, wash, dress, go about the day accidentally or on purpose. This may or may not be purposeful but you live so you do the day some kind of way. Hopefully it is fulfilling and concomittant with your wishes and desires. You may feel rewarded or not but you do it blindly and perfunctorily.

The things you think about and have been thinking about for a long time are also directing you. If you have old stuff that you have not released, it is blocking or driving you and you have a sense that no matter how you apply your talents ans skills, you are not moving. But you are moving ever so imperceptibly toward an effect of your thought causes. Things will show up (or not) as a result of how you think whether you’re aware or not.

Stores open and close. Clocks and government set the agenda for whole states, cities, towns and households. Do’s and don’t for driving, or buying impinge on our lives. We do what we are able to do within the confines of the rules and directives of life. We buy an umbrella if it rains or we don’t. We buiy one if it’s available. Either way, we have forces imposing on our choices and wishes. These three minds may or may not be a part of our understanding. You may have more ways of seeing your life and all of life. You may name the three conscious states differently and count more or less of them.

But if you can identify with this notation, then know you are standing outside of the box. Your observation of life is likely unbothered by your three minds because you are operating in the Zone of Heaven . The place is where the magic of life happens and you laugh a little because you have the key to the door or spiritual freedom and vision. All things work together for good. Those who meet the appearance of evil with sly superiority or peace of mind know how. Those who can forgive do. Those who wait and serve, are enlightened beyond rules or states of mind. There is no death and hence only victory in challenge.
This is my analysis of opening to larger truth. Here’s the Daily Word:
Through understanding, I am comforted.
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If I am bewildered or distressed by the challenges I face, I turn within in heart and mind for divine understanding. From my human perspective, life may at times appear unjust; but from a divine perspective, every experience has a higher meaning.

Difficult situations are like the trips and falls of childhood—even through occasional tears, I learned and improved. As I look back now, I realize that these challenges were my greatest teachers.

I am comforted and strengthened as my understanding deepens. I stand strong through times of doubt and keep my consciousness open to the larger truth.

My mind and heart are at peace as I trust in the eternal goodness of God and the unfolding wonder of life.
O comfort my people, says your God.—Isaiah 40:1

Working in the Space of Prosperity–Preamble to the Daily Word

Working in the Space of Prosperity—

I recently found a bag of books that were being recycled by someone. It was a nearly complete set of the novels of Iris Murdoch, the late British writer. There are over 20, and I have begun reading her chronologically. She inspires me. She is philosophical and she is able to pierce the veils of consciousness and thought as she examines human behavior and actions in intensely complex fictions. I have so far read The Unicorn and The Black Prince. I will start over from The Green and the Red and read through to The Book and the Brotherhood.

I also discovered on a search of my former name SDiane Adamz Bogus, a book entitled, The Queer Limit of Black Memory by someone named Matt Richardson. In it he discusses one of my neo-slave narratives called The Champayne Lady. It is about a youg woman raised as a white who falls in love with a former slave. It is broader and deeper, but that is the gist. The discussion of my work was included with that of others, but it was given quiet a few pages of analyzation in relationship to the editor’s investigation of historic memory in the literature of Black lesbian writers.

I ordered the book from Amazon. This set me on a new path. I have a working manuscript called Serpentine Fire. It is autobiographical and traces my writing career from 1982 to present. I am feeling motivated to get it in proper form for publication. I have set myself a daily writing routine, and I am revising and editing and collecting the essays together that I have written over these last 40 or so years. For a time, I had stopped writing because I felt I had lost status and my topics were not being followed, but as it goes now, I begin to see that the gap in my writing career and the public reception has been a fermenting time. It won’t be long before I’ll be in print again and my readers will be happy to reconnect and hear from me. This is prosperity in the making, and I am feeling fulfilled and guided.

I invite you all to contine to follow me here and at my website I will also be starting a weekly video broadcast on the TOPICS that I speak to:psychic, spiritual, literary, and personal. Stay with me.
Here’s your Daily Word:

God is my source. I claim abundant good.
Saturday, May 24, 2014

During his ministry, Jesus demonstrated how God was his unfailing source of supply. When the disciples worried about their next meal, Jesus taught them to release their worry and trust that provision would come.

I learn from the example of Jesus. I ask and know it will be given. I seek and know I will find; I knock and trust the door will be opened. I am receptive to God’s blessings and actively do my part by following my inner guidance. The doors of prosperity open for me.

God is unlimited. As I trust in God as my unfailing source of supply, I am blessed beyond measure. I have all I need.

Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.—Matthew 7:7

Bearing Witness–preamble to Daily Word “faith”–with an extension of “love” from 5/22/14

Bearing Witness
Here is the poem I promised you, yesterday. It bears witness to love and faith, trust and hope.

What’s to Love (c)SDiane Adamz-Bogus (Shariananda Adamz)2014

When I married you, my heart was singing
“My Love is Your Love, and Your Love Is my Love”
The church was an echo out into the deep reaches of space
From where the stars were falling, winking and sparkling like fireworks
My love poured over me like the Victorian falls but I said “I do”
Despite my beating heart, shaking hands, and hoarse voice

You looked like a bride that the angels dressed
I could see you were stiff with exposure and the force of your will
to do this thing so wholly undreamed yet utterly desired
Your white was tradition, my purple was contradiction
Oh yes, we pushed through and over and against the statusway
Across an ocean, across a color barrier, across the gender law

Tomorrow is another anniversary, you say-smiling- I track them all
The calendar blesses us again to a 23rd, but comes too the 5th
And our meeting day, and our visiting days and first kisses
I love you for your shy strength and your fierce tenderness
I turn my ring upon my finger and slip into memory and reverie
making sure we are real, that I dream not, that you’ve said,also
I do”

Here’s the Daily Word:

My faith is strong and active.
Friday, May 23, 2014

My faith is a vital, vibrant part of my spiritual life. Through faith, I know that I am whole and well, no matter the situation. Through faith, I recognize my life overflowing with God’s good and blessed with prosperity.

Faith implies action to boldly step forward, move on, or stand strong, regardless of the challenge. If my faith wavers, I turn within in prayer. A brief reconnection with God brings me the assurance I need to continue on.

I energize my faith through prayer and meditation, staying centered in the Power that is always with me, directing my steps. My faith is steady and strong.
By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.—Hebrews 11:3

Endless Touch–a preamble to an anniversary and the Daily Word “love”

Vivi, Happy 1 year and 4 months. I love you to endless touch.

I do not often write about Vivi and me personally because she does not want to be exposed. I am afraid I am something of an exhibitionist, and I am a writer wanting to share what is deeply truthful and honest from my life. Sometimes that draws upon my own experience and wisdom.

I love to write. I love to think. I love to share and to inspire. I most happy when I can feel my purpose in action and leave my daily consciousness for the merger of creatvity and creation, of finding the zone of being and channeling what comes. Tomorrow I will share a poem with you after my love has seen it. Today, I simply say, I love being here on earth and I love the opportunity to share my life and talents with you. Thank you for reading me, for supporting me. Look around and see where your love is in addition to others.Here’s the Daily Word
Love is my sacred connection to all.
Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just as the sun has the power to warm the soil and vitalize a seed, Divine Love has the power to transform my life for the good. Each day I journey within to experience the simple gift of Love in me.

As I close my eyes and allow my mind to become still, I slowly follow my breath into my sacred heart center. My attention turns to the presence of Divine Love. In this presence, I am grounded, calm, and at peace. I am at one with the Divine.

Restored by time in the Silence, I return to my daily activities. I am filled with peace and love, which I express through loving-kindness. Love is how I express my sacred connection with others. I am in harmony with all who cross my path today.
As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.—John 15:9

The Great Good–A Poem (c) SDiane Adamz Bogus, 2014

The Great Good (s) SDiane Adamz Bogus (AKA Shariananda)2014

We have come through a lot, you and I
Walked from the day of our birth to this road here
Stood in lines longer than our pain
Coughed up miracles when our coats were too thin

Seen a lot, have we, through these eyes
Late night bad news and replays of tragedy
No one is taller than our stretch to be human and alive
No one in the grave, I say this in truth–is there

We have learned how to welcome trouble
To meet it like it is special delivery for happiness
The moments of travail turn like the proverbial dime
One.One. One. One. So tally the triumphs, so comes victory

Prayers sound in great towers, the bells of our sainthood
We are already saved, succorred, anointed –taught by tears
Redeemed by our will to die and meet the great good once and for all
The Great Good that is our own revelation of Soul, of Godhead.

Here’s your Daily Word
My blessings multiply as I focus on the good in my life.
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Genesis, God called all of creation good. Good is everywhere present. We can compare the good in all to the power of electricity. Electricity existed before humans discovered it, just as my good exists before I have manifested it. Good exists whether we perceive it or not. Through awareness, imagination, and faith, we behold the potential for good and bring it forth in our lives.

Like flipping a switch to turn on the lights, I turn my attention to everything good. As I focus on my blessings, they multiply. I turn on the light of Spirit in me and see my good increase.

The greatest gifts of life are mine to claim, and I am open to receive them. As I focus on my good, it continually expands.
God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance.—2 Corinthians 9:8


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Harmony as being All Right With Yourself

Harmony as Being Alright with Yourself

Okay, let’s see. A check list may be in order:
Do I like my hair? yes
Are my teeth okay? Naw–need to see a dentist for cleaning.
Are my clothes up to date and in good shape–yes–for most part
Am I in good health–yes, but I do have my aches & pains
Am I eating right?–Yes, remarkably
Am I sleeping as my body requires–not always–but mostly
Am I working toward my dreams? Intending with pending things.
Am I staying in touch with Source? Yes
Am I meditating regularly–well–I have been a little spotty.
Am I spending my money wisely ? Yes, with some affordable treats
Am I satisfied with my self? I like my own company. I help others. Yea.
Is there something I am doing I need to stop–I could reduce my candy in-take and I could write more.
Is there something I am really proud that I do or have done–yep–I drove a stick shift on the Denmark toll bridge!! Also, I’m speaking Danish better!
So, all in all, you seem to be in harmony with yourself–
You didn’t ask me about my marriage—it’s the source of my happiness and balance and we are in deep harmony most days
Here’s the Daily Word
Attuned to Spirit, I experience harmony.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My body is an expression of the pure substance of Spirit. My mind is the channel through which Spirit’s revitalizing energies flow into my physical being.

I keep my mind in harmony with Truth by dismissing any thoughts of lack or limitation. I nurture a realization of wholeness and well-being in my consciousness. I affirm: I am beautiful, loving, and healthy. I am joyful, peaceful, and whole.

When I attune to Spirit, I become a clear channel for the harmonizing and restoring power of Divine Love. Every cell of my body vibrates with this magnificent force. Spirit’s power flows easily and naturally throughout my being, keeping me in perfect balance.
O Lord, by these things people live, and in all these is the life of my spirit. Oh, restore me to health and make me live!—Isaiah 38:16

Confirmation of Home in Christ


Vivi and I just got back from a three and a half day trip to Jylland, a northern city in Denmark. Her sister and her sister’s husband live there. We had been invited to their son’s confirmation as a believer in Jesus Christ and as a new member of the state church of  Denmark.

It is a tradition in Denmark, a rite of passage for the youth (ages 13-14 generally) and it is an opportunity for the community of believers to draw neigh. There is as much fanfare associated with it as there is for graduations in the USA (and probably worldwide). The young person has a period of many weeks of formal study of the scriptures and the traditional songs of the Lutheran church; the youth are rehearsed, and they invite family and friends specifically. They youth dress for the occasion, boys in jackets and lies and girls in white dresses, often with lace. This year the kids all agreed to wear tennis shoes, so in addition to being traditional, they were a bit rebellious. Nice high tops–Converse–various colors.
Once inside the church, the minister greeted the entire congregation,who sat in assigned pews with their confirmatee. Then the two genders go up separately as a group. There were 33 in all 21 boys12 girls. They were called by name. Kneeling,each one confirmed his faith; each one was touch and the top of their heads and blessed, and they said the Lord’s prayer in unison. They also recited what I think was the Nicene Creed.

The neatest and most tender part to me was when the individual name was called, the specific family and friends stood up in witness to their support and their faith. Man–it started me to weep.
After an inspirational talk by the minister (pastor) and the gifting of a specifically colored set of wrist bands, the festivities were followed by formal and informal picture taking, greetings between family and friends, and a dinner and dance later. The youth also receive lots of cash in the congratulatory cards. It is as if they are starting out offically in life as a new adult, even banks send special offers for interest if the newly minted believer will also become a saver or customer by depositing those gifted funds in their care.

That gave me a lot to think about. About becoming part of another set of Christian traditions, about my beliefs, and about how the youth are nurtured here. It made me think of home, and I feel that I am home here or anywhere in the world as a child of God. I am just glad to stand with the witnesses when a child become a moral adult and takes on the mantle of belief.(Although my in-law nephew has some sorting to do-I spent quite a little time with him later discussing the presence of evil and the worship of Satan).

The Danes are deeply committed to the idea of the great Good. They have trouble with being manifestly apostolic,but this confirmation tradition is practiced all over their motherland, and to it I say amen. Here’s the Daily Word.

Divine Love eagerly welcomes me home.
Monday, May 19, 2014

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus told of a wayward son’s reunion with his father. The son had left home as a restless youth and frivolously spent his inheritance. When he returned to ask forgiveness, his father welcomed him home with great joy and celebration.

Like the young man in the story, I may have turned my attention away from God. But no matter how far I may have strayed, Divine Love always welcomes me home.

Through prayer, I reconnect with the presence of God. I feel the warm, comforting, unconditional love of my Creator. The riches of the kingdom are mine, and I am grateful. I am home, and I am at peace.
Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.—John 14:23

Fighting Battles–preamble to the Daily Word–“pray for others.”

Someone posted a “be kind’ notice today because “everyone you meet is fighting a personal battle.” I do not know if that is true for all of us, but I do know each day requires a commitment of energy and time and effort, and if we put our hearts and minds to that, one could say it is a battle.

But I would rather think that those of us who hearken to our inner voice for higher good, are really not fighting, but practicing or applying spiritual principle to our experience whether meeting someone on time for a date or appointmet or holding the light for a loved one who is trouble or ill. We may be using time and effort to improve ourselves, forgive ourselves, or be stand for some organization larger and more powerful with many. But I think we are much too cosy with the idea of “battles”.

The metaphor invokes images of warfare;therefore, I prefer to demote the “spiritual warrior” image and promote the “spiritual lighthouse” image. We can shine with very little effort. A smile, a kiss, a hello, a prayer, a hope, an enouragement, a little insight born of silence. So today my prayer is for all who feel they are really fighting battles…lay down the effort and rest…as Maya Angelou would say…you’re already paid for. I say, you are already prayed for. Here’s the Daily Word:

Pray for Others
I affirm God’s good, knowing all is well.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prayer connects me to the presence and power of God within me and all others. A heartfelt prayer is the first gift I offer a friend or loved one who is facing a challenge or concern.

If I receive news from a dear one in need of prayer, I begin by aligning my heart and mind with God. I awaken to the presence of peace, wholeness, abundance, and strength within. My prayer acknowledges and affirms these same qualities in myself and the one for whom I pray.

I complete my sacred prayer time with gratitude, releasing any attachment to specific results. Divine Presence knows what others need and fulfills those needs in the best way possible. I give thanks for the power of prayer and leave the rest to God.

Beloved, pray for us.–1 Thessalonians 5:25