Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayer of Thanksgiving–

Thank you God for my life
Thank you God for my health
Thank you God for waking me this morning
Thank you God for the activity of my limbs
Thank you God for the sharpness and clarity of my mind
Thank you God for the joy of my heart
Thank you God for answered prayers
Thank you God for the new opportunity in my life
Thank you for the awaking that I am living through
Thank you for my wife and sweetheart, Vivi.
Thank you for the blessing of our union and partnership
Thank you for her complimentary skills, talents, powers, and brillance and zaniness
Thank you that we can work together and heal together, and make things godo together
Thank you God for Izzy’s new home and the love he will receive
Thank you for the time I have had with him and for the time I will again in the future
Thank you for beth’s magnaminity.
Thank you for my family

My new nephew, my aunt Beaulah, my niece, Akasha, my niece Deidre,my niece carla and my nephews: James and Melvin. I thank you for my borther Weddie and my borther Carl.

Thank you for the new people in my life, and the new organizations that are supporting me.

Thank you God for those who follow my work here on Facebook and YouTube.
Thank you for the Spring and the bright sunshine today
Thank you for the prosperity of found and given things
Thank you for healing of old wounds and release of distructi ve inner patterns.
Thank you for the lessons of Denmark, the consolidation of my identities and consciousnes.
Thnak you that I am an American.
Thank you for those who trust me to advise, read or other wise lay hands and energy on their bodies.
Thank you, Thank, for the protection and guidance of each day.
Thank you for making yourself known to me in a way I can underdstand.
Red Amen.

Here’s ther Daily Word:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
In prayer, I commune with Spirit.
I treasure the act of prayer—communing with Spirit about what is on my heart and mind. I may say a prayer of gratitude for a specific blessing, or seek a change in circumstances. I may pray for clarity about a difficult decision or for the needs of a loved one. As I live in constant communication with Spirit, my life becomes a prayer.

Answered prayer comes to me as an opportunity, a divine idea, a sense of hope, or perhaps a serendipitous connection with another. Whenever I pray, I feel connected, one with God. I believe in and expect answered prayers. I pray for “This or something better,” and I give thanks. As my prayers are answered, my faith grows.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;