A prayer for a Red Touch of God–preamble to the Daily Word”pray for others”

A Prayer for a Red Touch of God

Dear Lord–Most Holy One–within and without, everywhere here and always–

Thank you for another day of life. Thank you for my health and the health and soundness of my loved ones. Thank you for another spring, the clear air to breathe, and for the peace that surrounds us.

We pray gratefully, knowing there are many this day who sufer and are in need of comfort. They inlcude many families whose loved ones and friends, associates, and marital partners are grieving the losses from the plane that went down (or disappeared) last month; the ferry that capsized last week, the people who have be killed and injured in South Sudan, the angst and conflict in Syria and the clash in the Ukraine.

Lord, these are just a few of the places where there is pain and suffering, conflict and war. We do not know why such teeming appearances of discord happen now, like this, all at once, but we do know all is a part of the effort and impulse for divine order and divine outcomes. The earth must be brought back to balance. Our species must advsnce, evolve. I am a stand for that, Mother-Father_God. I hold the hope like a precious diamond. My faith is in you and in the power of one.

The world does not welcome this disruption and discord, and it is clear we must do something. You have given us but this world to live in and upon. Forgive us and fortify us. I ask in this prayer, now, for us aLL, NOW, IN THIS MOMENT FOR THE TOUCH OF YOUR HAND ON THESE SITUATIONS. MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN AS YOU DO TO ME IN THE RED WAYS. I CALL YOU NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND EVERY HOLY MIND. MAY YOUR BLESSINGS BE, MAY THE CONFLICTS ,THE PAIN AND SLAUGHTER STOP. Amen

Here’s the Daily Word:

I affirm God’s blessings for you.
If a loved one faces difficulty, I pray for them. When I watch a news story or witness an accident, I pray for those involved. Prayer connects us soul to soul. Spirit is active in all beings at all times, and a simple prayer from the heart can help re­establish wholeness.

Praying for others strengthens my faith. I trust the loving power of God to touch the hearts of those for whom I pray. When I see results or evidence of divine order, I am reassured and my faith deepens. Although I may not always know the outcome of my prayers, my faith assures me that needs are met in the right and perfect way. I am grateful that the spirit of God is with us and within us at all times and in all circumstances.

I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.—Ephesians 1:16