It Feels Right–God Shows Up in Red–Preamble to Daily Word “right path”

It Feels Right–God Shows Up in Red

Izzy the Bean has a new home that he will love. It is on the East coast of the US, and it is with two lovely Pomeranian girls, who will doubtless love his scent as much as he will love theirs. I understand from Beth, his foster mom-to-be, her girls are pretty flirty. Izzy is pretty sexy. Watch out for busy times, Beth!

I had my written test in Danish today. It was a simple exercise–write an email and ask a friend for the loan of her or his car. Tell them when, why, and how long you will need it. In the past for other Danish writing assignments, I have had lots of trouble writing simple constructions. This was a retest. I had to drop my huge vocabulary and just keep it simple.
I am pleased to say I did. Passed with flying colors. What I worried over, I looked up in my trusty dictionary (allowed) and what I second guessed myself about, I double-checked. When I read it back to myself, it read well and felt right. I owe that to the answers to my prayers which I did before and during the test.

The Holy Spirit is present in my life, and I am told daily when I arrive at my morning corner at Oxenhallenvej where I do a short prayer for all of Denmark, (and everyone and everything I can call to mind). I have assigned God the color red. So when I get to the corner, I expect God to meet me. Sometimes God comes as a red truck. Another time as a red bike, or the postman wearing his red jacket. Sometimes, passing folk are wearing red scarfs, jackets, or other snatches of it in mixed logos or adverts are in the flow of the daily traffic. God is physically present in my life because I choose to have Her?Him/It present. That is how I know I am on my right path. Here’s your Daily Word:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I am on my right and perfect path.
Sometimes life seems anything but simple. Yet the more I focus on how complicated a situation is, the more complexity I create. My imagination never pauses. Left to wander, it will often create problems and obstacles.

But I can choose differently. I let go and surrender the situation to the power of God within. I give my imagination a rest and listen for divine guidance. I know that God’s guidance is neither complicated nor negative. It is simple, peaceful, and true—it feels right.

Back on the right path, centered in God-consciousness, I now direct my imagination to envision the good unfolding in my life, and I am grateful.

The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything.—John 14: