Easter Monday–Preamble to the Daily Word on “Happiness”

Easter Monday

Easter has come and gone in USA but here in Denmark, we still have this Monday as the final day in the long week-end since Thursday. Businesses were closed and remain so. So, we have one more day of play and relaxation. Yesterday I spent the first spring day in the garden with Vivi. She turned the soil and readied it for our new plants. I made lavendar bundles and enjoyed the big open sky above us. Lots of wild geese, ravens, gulls, and magpies were around. It was good to be out of doors and to inhale the clear fresh air. I was feeling so tender inside, so grateful, so utterly overwhelmed by my own good fortune and V’s love. The extra good news is I have found a home for Izzy. He will be going to live with a family in Michigan. He will get love and care and space to be. It takes little to make me happy; these blessings make me ecstatic! Happy spring and great days of praise rise before you! Here’s your Daily Word:
Monday, April 21, 2014
Centered in Spirit, I am happy.
We often think that money, possessions, and external conditions bring happiness. But it is my consciousness that determines true happiness.

My state of mind affects my perception of the people, places, and events in my life. At the same time, my thoughts and words influence my experiences. Knowing this, I assume responsibility for my own state of happiness.

Attuning myself to Spirit, I contemplate the love of God within me, for out of this love all blessings flow. I contemplate peace, which dwells deep within my soul. Out of this peace flows harmony with others. With my thoughts on these gifts of Spirit, I feel gratitude welling up within me, and happiness springs up naturally.

Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding.—Proverbs 3:13