“Peace Like”-a Preamble to the Daily Word–“world peace”

Peace Like (c)2014 SDiane Adamz-Bogus (aka Shariananda)

Peace like a still life painting
Peace like a baby sleeping
Peace like self-satisfaction
Peace like grandma rocking
Peace like sleeping wasps nests
Peace like the receded tide
Peace like melting chocolate
Peace like the silent mount
Peace after the night has passed
Peace like the mind gone empty
That’s how the Peace of God lasts.

Here’s the Daily Word:
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
I emanate peace and love to all the world.
If I have been feeling angry or critical, I recognize that I may be disconnected from God’s peace within. Today I rise above these feelings, release them, and reconnect with the presence of God in me. As I meditate, I feel divine love moving in and through me. Loving-kindness begins to emanate from me to each person I meet.

Love is the greatest harmonizing force in the world. It dissolves any feelings of negativity or judgment. It fills my heart with peace.

As I discover and express the peace of God, I share it with others. As I do, they, too, awaken to peace within. As each individual recognizes and expresses peace and love, the world is blessed. One person at a time, we contribute to a world of peace.

A harvest of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace.—James 3:18