Telepathic Tuesday Nine Rounds July 5, 2011

Telepathic Tuesday Nine Rounds July 5, 2011

The members gathered in the Fun Chat Room as soon as I came on the air. I was about an hour late because I had not set up all the tasks for the games of telepathy beforehand. So, I spent some times writing riddles, stuffing the bags, and drawing the pictures. They welcomed me without complaint or disappointment when I finally played the illustrious fanfare that introduces my show.


Typically with so many people coming and going and many being new, we hardly ever get more than three rounds of the great telepathy practice going, but today, Tuesday, we actually completed the full nine rounds.

The members present were Ksanchez, Hashaba (who left early but just dropped in), winc39, a new member who dropped in also and left soon. Kendreejb, another newbie who watched, did not really stay for the tough stuff. Mredel, a favorite who comes many times to practice with us. Tmachelle, on about his or her third visits, Diamond1908, a new member, VINODP, who wanted a question answered and only stayed long enough to find out I was not  answering at this time. Godneverleftme, someone I never met, but I felt an immediate heart connection to because that user name rings my bell. I feel that throughout my own trials and tribulations, God never left me and never will. What a brave name to call one’s self! What a testimony to overcoming trials or illness. I’ll bet godneverleftme has survived a car accident or kidney transfer, maybe even cancer. Believe46 was present, and it makes me think that my room is drawing the highest kind of Spiritual beings in human flesh. Their names identify their beliefs as well as their personalities.

Other members who participated include Lonely 11, fefecough, toyah123, Eternety, Shahee22. Lovefoxglove, Kconway6. Yollandy , butterfly11, edlyn25, Brittany W, jewel08, Spain246 ,Destiny, Psychicmind, Ksanchez, cowboicasanova, gina_love, Weloby,Scorpionking, swhope999,redblack1989,Luscious Lioness Planetfuture,Tilly40218,Bonnie2,Oceansandjoy1,Monica55, Of these 5 were Crew members.

On that day I had 4 Private Chats, three were with the same person, Loveable, yet I was grateful. I am still seeking 1 private session for every hour I am on. This is doable since so many new people come daily. Still July has gotten off to a very good start.

Telepathic Tuesday was so much fun this week.

We warmed up by doing a Matrix card show. We played Street Beat from the movie sound track of the matrix and did two rounds of the images from the Mayan Oracle with its spatial, cosmic, and colorful archetypical images of Mayan gods and goddesses, quantum geometry, and mathematical bars and dots. The chakra stimulator turned in the back ground shooting off sharp rays of red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and turquoise. (Many people think it’s a disco ball, but a disco ball is it—a mechanical device that stimulates our subtle energy system of chakras as we allow sound waves to blend within us as the light waves penetrate our auric fields and inspire movement (which is healing).


ROUND 1   Location Game

We began by doing the Location game. I described three locations where I could possibly be in the world, and that I would send a mental image of myself there, in a piece of clothing, of a given color. The members who participated in this round were to use their imagination, intelligence, third eye, and intuition to see me and tell me where, what and color. I focused on the camera, looking in with intense thought so it could be received. I sent the images of me in a valley wearing a blue bathing suit. The other places were a baseball field, a riverside, and a desert. Each person got only one guess.

Of the many who tried, Mylife123, and Destiny found me in the Valley. Psychicmind saw the bathing suit, and named the color. He was overjoyed to get 2 of the 3. They each got a choice of prize. The Prize List included the following choices:

A Card Song

A Song Sung by the Oracle

Angel card (sometimes tarot card)

Balloon Celebration


Drum fan fare

Flute or Harmonica serenade

The favored prize on this day was the angel card because it came with a short un-expected reading. It also gave me a chance to demonstrate for new members who do not know my gifts nor have they heard about them.


ROUND 2 Team Telepathy

In this round I asked the members to pair up and to make an attempt to send and receive the name of a relative to their partners. I designated an A and B, one to send one to receive. They made the choice on who would be A and who B. The teams were very good to make the attempt in cyberspace. They do not know each other, except by user name, and they are not certified psychics or seers, but they are game, and I am so proud of their enthusiasm and courage. They stayed for the entire time it took to do the two way send and receive. That is an achievement given how volatile the chat room can be. As a matter of fact, when we started Round 1, we had over 26 people in the room, not counting the several visiting guests, but for this round, we only had 8 people.

Cowboicasanova and Psychicmind     Shahdee and Mylife123Katja and Footprint, and Ksanchez425 and Toyah123. Although they tried in earnest, this was just a practice for those who had never tried such a thing. But cowboicasanova managed to send Psychicmind the name of “john” a relative. Psychicmind got it correct! That was so exciting for all. One success is a success for us all. So, if you want to start to expand and test your natural high mind powers come to Telepathic Tuesdays. You’ll be amazed.

Round 3—Remote Viewing Look and See

I asked the members to try to see across cyber space into a person’s location and to name something he or she was wearing, an item in the immediate area where the partner was seated or an item in the area where they live. This was a big challenge. No one got this correct. But Psychicmind did identify my flower garden—which was just his mind roving around and being a peeping tom! (I guess that will be the draw back to having higher powers—the end of privacy and sex deviants sneaking around your window seal in the flower garden! Lol!!


Round 4—Location Game –Second segment

I asked the members to name the three animals I had written on cards and which of them was wearing a collar, and the color of that collar. I gave the hint that the animals were of the same family. The animals were the cheetah, the tiger, and the lion. The lion had on a green collar.   It was amazing how quickly the participating members singled out the big cats. I think they were reading my mind! (hahaha) Well that’s what this is all about. Brittany and Weloby were the big winners because they got all three animals, and the color—green.

Kconway, Tmachelle, foxglovelove all got the cheetah (cat) and Shahdee named tiger. This was an exciting round and strange guesses like mouse, rat and gopher were offered. There was even a monkey thrown in. I am not sure how these images showed up for the members but at least they were trying. You got to test the waters if you’re ever going to learn to use your natural gifts of knowing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Round 5—White Board Hidden Image

In this round, I presented the members who were participating with a small white board on which I had drawn a picture of an old fashion telephone, the kind with the rotary dial and wide fat body, with a receiver and speaker hook that rested on the cradle. The whiteboard was turned away from the camera and the members had to look through cyber space and through the board to see the image.

Amazingly, they got the form—a thing I have encouraged. The approach to seeing is to try to pick up the form, the color, an association, the texture, or the exact name of the thing. Edlyn25 saw the triangle form of the base and the circle of the rotary dial. Shahdee saw the circle in a triangle, and Pollyblueeyes, who was not there when we began, came into the room, jumped in and said—much to my and the members’ surprise—“A telephone!” We were mildly stunned and pleased—some were blown away! OMG they cried out on the screen! I gave all of them prizes. This thankfully—for tender mercies—did not include singing “Om Shanti Om” for edlyn25 who loves it and requests it frequently.

I did get to blow a few bubbles and pop a few balloons—my favorite.



In this round, I provided the members with a little riddle of members’ user names. I won’t tell you the names, so you can try to guess, too. But I will write the riddles below and when you leave comments, you can guess for yourself.

There are three of me

All with the same name

like little girls like this color

I’ve got no numbers for my game     

Tilly 40218 identified this member correctly! Good mind and intuition!

I come and go all the time

A few people have a name like mine

But Not the Year

Not one but two nines

Luscious Lioness identified this member and she had just come in the room! Just vibbing!

They call me a celestial body

But I am not the moon

I came to this Fun Chat because it’s a Heavenly room

To bless our world in times to come

That’s my name, have some

Nobody got this one.  But there were some really good guesses that fit the riddle, so I gave prizes on the astute and close guesses. I am amazed that so many of you know others who frequent this and other chat rooms at

Round 7- The Dart Game

In this segment of Telepathic Tuesday, I show the members a dark board and the darts. They are to try to see where the dart will land at the top 9 circles or the bottom nine. Or at the red bulls eye!

I throw the dart off camera, and the members try to envision or precognitively know where it will land.

Tilly was the only person who got close on this one. We did three segments of this game, bad day for clairvoyance.

Round 8   Standard Playing Card identification

In this round, I show three cards randomly. I turn them away from the camera, and the members are asked to identify the suite—whether heart, club, spade or diamond. We are not yet ready to identify the number and the suite. We did three segments, and they were

1.            2club—winners love foxglove, oceansandjoy1, toyah123

2.            Ace spade—winners Tilly, Brittany, Spain246

3.           5 diamond—winners Monica55, Spain246, Bonnie2, and Lovefoxglove

The two big winners of this round were Lovefoxglove and Spain246. (who is often a strong show on TT).


Round 9—Zenner Cards

In this round, I show the members the standard zenner cards which are used to test psychic powers.

I follow the same procedure as in round 8u, except the symbols are square, circle, wave, star, and plus sign.

  1. Circle—Spain and lovefoxglove winners!
  2. Wave—Bonnie2, Tilly, Spain 246, and Lovefoxglove
  3. Wave—disconnected



The show came to a sudden end because my camera froze, and by the time I got back to the room, the members had scattered. That is so discouraging. But still, we had had a very exciting and fund time. At one point someone got an angel card which suggested something sexual and we laughed about everyone wanting that card. The day’s activities were sprinkled with the suggestive wit of these little comments. It was one of the best Telepathic Tuesdays we have ever had and it covered 9 Rounds. There was only one not done—the things hidden in boxes in bags.

Keep coming, everyone—we are learning and developing. Fun and Power—what a combo!