Passing Days, People, Perception,and Prophesy June 18-30

Passing Days, People, Perception and Prophesy

I suppose it would be good to tell you why I entitled this Chat journal and report with the “P’s”.  I did it for expediency. I am trying to gather the collective experience of us in the Oracle’s Fun Chat Room. I find that so much really happens in the rolling commentary between myself and the members and guests that I have trouble making notes. Even saving the actual screen lacks the depth and intensity of the exchanges. What I can say is I am fascinated with “chat” and the perception of the people who populate the room from day to day, and program to program. This entry will try to capture the dynamic of the last two weeks–not counting the June 21 fiasco!


The Passing Days include our gatherings from June 18 through yesterday June 29. In that time we had the usual round of presence, play and party. Daily Morning Meditation, Monday afternoon Free Chat, Telepathic Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, missing Thursday, Friday Star Talk and Saturday Mystery Card. Twenty five people showed up for Mystery Card Saturday on June 18. That is the day I give the members a surprise deck of tarot or an oracle deck to read “cold” for each other. The deal goes like this–I pull a card for those waiting in que one at a time, and the members(and guests if they want to) make an attempt to read for the named person. The insight is powerful and I encourage the members and visitors by wearing a silly cut-out eye on my forehead–between my brows–a literal third eye. I do not enter the readings. I coach. It is my intention to help awaken everyone to their higher powers of knowing. Before we start, I do an affirmation card series using the Tatwa deck that I developed when I was still teaching. The members answer the question: Do I have discernment?”  with “Yes, I do have discernment.” Do I have insight,” “Yes, I do have insight.” “Do I have perception?” “Yes, I do have perception?” Do I have a third eye? “Yes, I do have a third eye.” And so on.

The People

The enthusiasm is catching and there is a lot of silly banter in between. On June 18, I asked the gathered group to look at the Psycards, and they did a remarkable commentary on each other lives. Unfortunately, I did not save a screen or make sufficient notes. I can tell you who the players were and how well they did: Terry Tyler is becoming a star in my room. He has had a significant number of visits and is fast moving toward CREW status. He is balanced and contributory. Berms69 (Lianne Berman) is a youthful screwball who interjects odd comments, and i s generally hysterical with joy and excitement. She brings along her  friend Charlottegeorge and together, they give me fits trying to keep them in line. When they do the affirmations, they change the format and throw in commentary like “Yep, I do have insight when I’m looking.” They are so wacky. When I need them on Wednesday afternoon, they are never around. Luckily, they do not stay in the room long. They drop by to cause a stir, get attention,” RAISE THEIR VOICES AND YELL AT M E LIKE THIS__HEY SDIANE, BERMS IN THE HOUSE! WE LUV YOU!” They are college students so they dash by to be in the mix and then off to class! Praise God for little favors of respite!  Lorelei3, also very dedicated to the various chat programs, presents herself as thoughtful and intelligent. She makes sure assessments and often is outstanding when we tally winners.


The crew members who added to Saturday, June 18 were Tinkabel, a star in her own right, with her own psychic show on Oranum, Eternety, my long time supporter and peer whose good common sense and spiritual presence under girths me. She catches oversights on my part and pipes up quickly so that I see the question that may have scrolled by or if I skipped some one in the que or lost my page. I really feel her when she’s there. Also, from the crew on that day were Cowboicasanova, the handsome woman who has the outdoors and good breeding as her calling card. I am in love with her user name (as I am about others), but I also feel a special connection to her.  I did a medium channel for her, and it was so powerful that I was blown away. Since then, I have been linked to her. Not unlike with Raimy18. These two sessions in private rendered me mute. Serpah_777 and Emyrate67s also attended. Seraph remains astute and vulnerable to attack. Wears her feelings on her wings, and Emyrates67 come and goes without making a firm impression. He is CREW because he has the visits and a chat. Someone named Michelle Harris wants to know I notice her visits, but what she needs to know is it works best if she talks to me often. If we only say “Hi” and she doesn’t play with us in the Affirmations or on Telepathy Tuesday or Mystery Saturday, then it’s hard to insert her in the blog. Anyway, I appreciate all those who dedicate themselves to being in my room just to be with me and to enjoy the never ending surprise of my shows. Michelle, here’s to you.

Anyway, on Mystery Card Saturday, at the end of the of each reading for each member, the person who was read for is asked to say thank you and to point out who was closest to the mark. This day, Elidak, a new member,Jamillah Stephen, Tilly40218, Tinkabel(naturally) Seraph_777, Eternety and Spain hit the nail on the head. Raimy18 manages to make cracks that keep us laughing as she spins the readings with humor and satire. I congratulate all, for I feel like the proud mother hen of an extraordinary brood of mentalist chicks. I may be giving myself too much credit. Present on this day were also Sexybunny69,hxd1821,Blessed05,Kolanek,mela87 of Bosnia,Martin69,Spain246–who has become a major support for my psychic practice in private chat. Swagger123–a new comer, with pazzazz and personality, tyanna123,Upsidededownocean, madcyd11,mazenalman, xanida, Crab88 and Linelife.



Here’s an excerpt from the Morning Meditation of June 20 with my comments in bold case. ElidaK : we’ll email the groceries LOL–   (I was saying that I had no food–fact is I had run out a few days before. Found myself making odd meals like carrots and peanut butter sandwiches)

soleil77 : LOL

Raimy18 : oh no I aint going over with meat on the table (This is Raimy18’s usual tone and she is witty)

soleil77 : obs!

scorpio1980 : 😛

ben-dover : ill give you some money 🙂   (The funny thing about ben dover was that at first we took his name as Bend Over at first. It was a few days before we got that right. Some of the user names are pure confusion.)

scorpio1980 : soleil you are in trouble!!! (Scorpion1980 gate keeps and encourages mayhem and laughs)

soleil77 : you are welcome

TwinklyDove : heaven on earth

scorpio1980 : hahahahaaaa

soleil77 : yes

SDiane : aunty or mama   (I was commenting on how I have gone from being called sexy names like “Fox” or “bab” to “Aunty” or “Mama”. I guess whether I want to or not I will be made to stand in my age by name if not number!)

soleil77 : and potatoes (This would be a heavy meal, soleil!)

SDiane : Guest12-we are fooling around joking about me being (I am explaining to Guest 12, what’s going on)

soleil77 : chicken with bacon (poultry and pork–ugh!)

122673 : wish I greens an cornbread..  (122673–wishes he or she could come over to my place to eat)

lorelei3 : lol 🙂

Tinkabel : i will b routing myself 2 ur kitchen

soleil77 : I am preparing food (chicken, bacon and potatoes–all we need is gravy!)

guest33 : so u can be happy lol  (Rare for guest to join in the banter,they may not feel a part of things yet–I like those who just jump in and play.)

Eternety : sounds great – let´s set a date – LOL

scorpio1980 : hahha

Tinkabel : the next astro projection…

guest33 : go get  a happy meal

nanb777 : sounds good

MedulaOblangata : Yes please do diane ….save me a plate …child, we eatin at aunty diane’s tonight …=)

soleil77 : yeeee  (We were all talking about my cooking a pot of greens. I said I make a mean pot of greens.)

guest12 : hi

SDiane : I cook a mean pot of greens–come over–greens and corn bread make ya holla

ElidaK : u makin me hungry

scorpio1980 : i wish i could 😦

Raimy18 : haha

guest33 : this is the circus room…lmao

lorelei3 : lol

ElidaK : lol

soleil77 : LOL

terrytyler : lol!

Tinkabel : I would be like, hi my cyber mom… what’s in the pot?! (Tinka lays big claim and her hip lingo impresses me)

MedulaOblangata : Yea, SDiane where my greens and cornbread at aunty ? (Medula is so funny. He always does this Southern black accent with colloquialisms. I enjoy when he (or she?) shows up. Cultural and ethnic humor follows.)

Eternety : Aunty Sdiane, she must be O. Codgers sweetheart – LOL  (Eternety  is referring to the character, O. Codger, who hosted my Wednesday Wacky show last week, June 15. I enjoy changing faces and ways. And they are delighted with my surprise personalities and voices.)

CrystalAngel : LOL!

soleil77 : is here?

MedulaOblangata : lol

lorelei3 : hahah 🙂

Tinkabel : needs an inclusion on the blog

soleil77 : Medula

Tinkabel : hahaha

TwinklyDove : ghighi tink!

scorpio1980 : 😀

lorelei3 : 🙂 nice & sweet..

soleil77 : I wait my turn

Raimy18 : sista sdiane  (Raimy and I go way back now –to March haha)

Tinkabel : u just wait til we all turn up at your house … and beg to see what ur cooking…

TwinklyDove : sweet

122673 : i like aunty too..

soleil77 : LOL

ben-dover : sdiane am i next ??

TwinklyDove : hahaha

Eternety : Aunty SDiane – LOL

MedulaOblangata : I think of diane as aunty …she be teaching the kids lol

terrytyler : youre always gonna be my darling

soleil77 : yu are so sweet  (Soleil, makes the conversation roll by being the filler and the approval lady. She adds just the right comment to assure that the person who spoke is acknowledged. It is a gift of a true listener and conversationalist.)

SDiane : I like-aunty

Tinkabel : aunty

soleil77 : but you are sweet like  a mama  (This embarasses me. I like being liked but all of this flushes me.)

Tinkabel : she’s MY mama first!! 😀  (Tinka is also Cybertyper and lays claim to me because I am her sponsor as an Oranum expert. She has gifts that have won her her own fans and followers and she is devoted to me still. I am there for her success too. We talk a lot through Facebook. By the way anyone is invited to do so at Face Book SDiane Adamz Bogus)

soleil77 : sorry if I call yu mama

Tinkabel : soleil is sunny and bright 🙂  (I agree and helpful and patient and of good cheer.)

soleil77 : and y0u?

ben-dover : Am i next ?

soleil77 : fine mama

ben-dover : haha they do dont they

SDiane : Davin?

soleil77 : Diane

Tinkabel : an email reading would be great

SDiane : 2000

SDiane : Tinks  -email–commentary–send e-mail via Oranum

soleil77 : hello mama

Tinkabel : ok good idea ty

Tinkabel : ty

Tinkabel : if it’s nice, u must pray twice…

Tinkabel : yayyy ty

SDiane : Once again

Tinkabel : tis like dial-a-prayer.. ty for instant prayer! lol xxx

SDiane : 42  “Winding Down”  USA  Orin Crain  (I am reading prayers in this segment, but we got side tracked.)

Tinkabel : ty

Tinkabel : 42

Tinkabel : yes pleasee

SDiane : Tinka?

Raimy18 : tinkabel your turn

SDiane : Hey Elizabeth–glad to see you CREW member (Elizabeth is regular if not a big personality. I’d like to know here better.)

Elizabeth7264 : Yes

SDiane : tinkabel?

Elizabeth7264 : Hello there

SDiane : I invite you to register (So many people hang out in my visitors room who do not register. They must be very confused by the unusual format of my room. It is not a one on one chat as in other rooms, but a crowd of people all talking to the host and each other. Then, there are the prayers and cards and reports! Its wild, I admit, but controlled.)

MedulaOblangata : welcome guest =)

SDiane : Welcome Gueat 20

SDiane : Hello Guest2–be entertained and blessed here

SDiane : Guest 5–I am sorry but I am working with members–so please register and I will give you a prayer and warm welcome

ben-dover : oh thankyou xx

ben-dover : oh okay ill wait for it :)xxx

guest5 : i have just met a new girl, what do you see for our future (It annoys me for guests to come in and just throw a question at me. I prefer them to speak and introduce themselves, then ask if they can ask.)

ben-dover : hi how long till my prayer ? (I do not remember what Ben’s place was, but there were not so many ahead of him.)

122673 : okay

122673 : can i have a prayer  (Yes–you may–every day from Monday to Saturday)


I have had some good fortune this month with e-mail readings and private chats. 20 private chats and 4 e-mail readings. They were spread over a 15 day period, so that gives me about 1 per day. I am still hoping for 1 per hour that I am on the air. I am on the air about 5-8 hours a day, except Sunday. I think my fans and the members would lavish me with private sessions if they had the bucks to be chatty with. These are hard times world wide for all except the very rich or very corporate. I appreciate most those who say, as soon as I get some money,I’ll do a private with you. Or I am saving to do a session with you. This is encouraging. It motivates to to just trust that all will come that is mine. Below are some quick prophesies based on the Psy cards we give all each morning.

The Psycards– a deck that reveals the daily state of affairs rather than predicting the future. Here’s a few for the noncrew members: (To get meaning go to

Sharwill2011:the scales–let justice be done

Nicole1990:  Prison–come out of the shadows, show yourself

Little Chickie: warrior–fight back and do not let them push you around

Julznycles: union–Make up and keep the peace in your relationship

dancer54:Inquirer–Don’t be afraid to ask–just ask as if you have the right

Xhama888-the stars–Keep your intention to excel in the forefront of your mind

Fatmatasia: birth–You are leaving an old state of consciousness, notice your own growth

Babygirl2012:destruction–The break down of your relationship is as it should be–stop smoking

bahbkp:the message–The approval is coming, you’ll be relieved

Michelle18021:the libido–if you don’t want her or his sexual attention, stop flirting

The Genetic:liberation–Having a 21st birthday is the ultimate liberation but so is leaving a bad situation

Planetfuture:never–Never sell yourself out, be strong

Shandra03:the puzzle–wait, the answer will reveal itself

Kenny475:mother–You must also take care of yourself as would a mother of a child,more than teeth-brushing

Twinkly Dove:fortune–Your fortunes or luck is changing and you must also count waking up each day

Coconut1980:sage–you are wise and your decision was correct

TMCD 75:thye beauty–you must see your own beauty as a broken glass–it can be reflected in a million ways

Dixie Lee:peace–Speaks for itself–but don’t lose sleep over anything

Pinkyc: birth–That new undertaking will pay off, break free of the self-imposed limits