Telepathic Tuesday Nine Rounds July 5, 2011

Telepathic Tuesday Nine Rounds July 5, 2011

The members gathered in the Fun Chat Room as soon as I came on the air. I was about an hour late because I had not set up all the tasks for the games of telepathy beforehand. So, I spent some times writing riddles, stuffing the bags, and drawing the pictures. They welcomed me without complaint or disappointment when I finally played the illustrious fanfare that introduces my show.


Typically with so many people coming and going and many being new, we hardly ever get more than three rounds of the great telepathy practice going, but today, Tuesday, we actually completed the full nine rounds. Continue reading “Telepathic Tuesday Nine Rounds July 5, 2011”

Passing Days, People, Perception,and Prophesy June 18-30

Passing Days, People, Perception and Prophesy

I suppose it would be good to tell you why I entitled this Chat journal and report with the “P’s”.  I did it for expediency. I am trying to gather the collective experience of us in the Oracle’s Fun Chat Room. I find that so much really happens in the rolling commentary between myself and the members and guests that I have trouble making notes. Even saving the actual screen lacks the depth and intensity of the exchanges. What I can say is I am fascinated with “chat” and the perception of the people who populate the room from day to day, and program to program. This entry will try to capture the dynamic of the last two weeks–not counting the June 21 fiasco!


The Passing Days include our gatherings from June 18 through yesterday June 29. In that time we had the usual round of presence, play and party. Daily Morning Meditation, Monday afternoon Free Chat, Telepathic Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, missing Thursday, Friday Star Talk and Saturday Mystery Card. Continue reading “Passing Days, People, Perception,and Prophesy June 18-30”