Wacky Wonderful Wednesday June 8, 2011

Wacky Wonderful Wednesday June 8, 2011


The crew was there.The guests were there.The puppets were there. And here’s the log!  Read the madness for yourself and laugh. What made this show so interesting was that I had on a blonde wig because it was “wacky” Wednesday. I also had on a fruity dress with citrus slices for comic color. Many of the members commented. They thought I looked nice. Some even said I reminded them of a brown Marilyn Monroe and Barbie–of all people!  I did like the suggestion that I resembled Tina Turner.

The puppets Mystic Kitty, Joshua Joy Bear, and Zebra the Elephant are assigned specific times and tasks. Mystic kitty opens the Wednesday show at 3:15 PM PST after I play the fanfare, and do a color or spiral wheel.She speaks in meowese. So I interpret for her. My alter, Miss Agatha, was in one of her sultry–get them told moods. So I had to dash in and out of character. But for her segment, Mystic Kitty has a Magic 8 ball, and she answers questions if asked. She has an 45 minutes to do her segment. Then at 4:00 PM PST Joshua Joy Bear comes on–He’s the bear puppet. He makes everyone laugh. He tells funny corny jokes. Then he interviews a couple of members.

Tonight he interviewed Eternety, whose real name is Vivi. She told us lots of fun things to know but especially her philosophy of life which is “Be True to Yourself.” Joshua asked her what talents she had and she said she did design, danced the tango and writes. She got Joshua so excited that he invited his twin brother Jake out and the two of them did this on camera tango. It was hilarious if I do say so myself. Eternety told us what she liked in her partners and the main thing was honesty. But she also said courage and intelligence. She stayed up very late so that Josuha could interview her.(Thank you–a new member juicypop101 wanted to be next but we ran out of time).  Joshua liked Eternety’s name, so he started to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to Eternety because he likes the word “eternity”.  He also did a spontaneous verse or two from “Annie”  because one members name was Tamara_Rivera. He sang “Ta morrow ta ma  ra I love you ta ma ra, you’re always a day a way!” He was funny and cute as always. He did a duet with Jake at the end of the show, singing “Bye bye Love” by the Everly Brothers. He’s full of life and corny jokes. Jake smiles better though.

When he left, Zebra the Elephant came out. Zebra does a 30 minute question answer, This was his official debut because he did not have his voice right last Wednesday. But he came out in silence and whispered a few things to me. He did manage to trumpet a couple of times to the guest’s amazement. He did some reading using the “Medicine Cards:” which show animals. Zebra answered yes and no questions from several members. One member Monica was not satisfied until she knew if somebody liked  her. It made us wonder if she was really old enough to be on the chat.

Our old friend and pain, Polka came by, but I asked her out. She just makes trouble by being out of sync with the flow of the room or making inappropriate remarks. Of course, there is always some lost, dark soul heckling me with sexual innuendo or downright rude or gross remarks. But we ignore them and move along. There is always somebody who wants to steal your joy.

The good news is Cyber Typer picks up a lot of my slack. She directs the visitors to register and she reminds me if I have overlooked someone or need to make a correction. She also teases me –I like it. I have found a friend across the ocean and I am happy about it. She will be working for Oranum.com soon.  She is an excellent intuitive and seer. We did a telepathic exchange yesterday, and it confirmed that we are a good pair of senders and receivers. She sent me a name (“Rachel”) I received “Richard or an “R” sound name. I reported that to her.  So it was good. This was in our “Telepathic Tuesday” show. Go read that after this. I’m out!  The Oracle SDiane

Four new members: celebrated with “Stars and Stripes Forever” bells, ballons and cards!





1 Private Chat                         1 Email Reading     Thank you very much.

Remember, I need 2-3 private chat for each hour I am on daily.


SDiane : a puppet
SDiane : animal card
guest27 : was
guest27 : was that a death cry he just made?
SDiane : elephant trumpet
guest27 : oh my mistake
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guest27 : can I  ask a question please?
SDiane : Be on the lookout
219ANDREA : is it for a new job
guest27 : …for what?
SDiane : 3 questions
guest27 : oh cool. I have a good one
guest27 : how can I talk to my dead grandmother?
cybertyper : Hit the yellow button when you’re ready to go private. Guests please register.
SDiane : 1 more
219ANDREA : will I grow where i am at
219ANDREA : the company
guest27 : second question, how does he play this supposed trumpet?
SDiane Guest 27
219ANDREA : thank u
SDiane : elephants all trumpet
guest27 : oh I guess that makes sense thanks
guest27 : darn
SDiane : 1o
drasims : Hi, I have a question
guest27 : Why not?
drasims :  Could you give me a time frame of when my girlfriend and I will get back together?
guest27 : Zebra? He’s an elephant you hypocrite
drasims : ok
guest27 : …
SDiane : 14
adelaidaaacad : I asked about financial  help
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drasims : what does the 14 mean
SDiane : drasims
guest27 : jazz hands
guest27 : peanutbutter
guest27 : green
SDiane : ask two more questions
guest27 : youve been rickroll’d
drasims : will she move to Florida with me
drasims : SWEET!!!
drasims : lol ok
guest27 : can the elephant speak a different language?
SDiane : drasims
Kvalles : Hello
drasims : yes
guest27 : awww I wanna talk.
guest27 : I only got 2
SDiane : drasims
drasims : Am I making the right careeer choice to be wealth
guest27 : Is it my turn yet???
guest27 : sigh, fiiiiine
SDiane : Elephant looked at card said,” no”
Kvalles : Am I ever going to talk to my ex?
adelaidaaacad : Will anybody will help me about financial situation?
SDiane : 27
drasims : ok thanks
guest27 : yea!
guest27 : sure.
Kvalles : ??
guest27 : Okay how do I know when someone is right for me?
sweetstephy31 : Hi 🙂
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SDiane : yes no
guest27 : does justin beiber wear a wig?
guest15 : hi can you answer a question for me
guest27 : crab. cool
Kvalles : Does my ex still love me?
SDiane : 15
SDiane : plz wait
guest27 : yeah i guess
SDiane : 27  that it
guest27 : oh nvm
guest27 : I want another question
guest27 : oh.
SDiane : adalaid
SDiane : 5 minutes
guest27 : gurble burgele burehcvisozvhjzsdkljscvkljcvlxilxcvkhxvklj
guest27 : ft5geg7
guest27 : hybvbvgtvcdfctrfcgd
guest27 :  hjugnmklhj
leo3891 : What the heck is that
guest27 : egjgtuqerg
adelaidaaacad : I would like to know if somebody will help me financially?
cybertyper : someone throwing their bottle out of their pram I think
SDiane : GUest 27 acting rudely
monicamonica : does Aidin like me
juciypop101 :   bbbbyyyyyeeee
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Park53 : Can I go next?
SDiane : anything else?
guest62 : Hey, what happened I was guest 15
SDiane : kicked
adelaidaaacad : Did my father gave me financial as he promise to me?
SDiane : He (Zebra the Elephant)doesn’t know
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like me
guest62 : Will u please answer me a question
babs004 : hi
guest66 : Dus dis cost money?
cybertyper : ok
SDiane : cyber log from this one
monicamonica : does-aidin-like-me
sweetstephy31 : 🙂
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
SDiane : 1 more Adalaid
69Jeff : bye all
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
guest66 : O ok. Dus tyler like me….need to know!!
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
Kvalles : What about me?
guest66 : Plz plz plz answer!
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
adelaidaaacad : I have sister in U. S.A. is she is continue to help me by giving anything?
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
guest62 : Please don’t forget about me I was guest 15 but I don’t know what happened
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
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SDiane : Guest 62  Register
Kvalles : ???
Monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
guest66 : Plz answer I cant register very quick pleaaseee
monicamonica : Answer-mine-next-pretty-please
SDiane : Guest 62
monicamonica : NOOOO!
SDiane : Guest 62
SDiane : Guest 66
monicamonica : Yes
guest66 : Plz answer mine can I b after babs?
guest66 : 66 is here!
SDiane : Guest 62
guest66 : thx!
SDiane : Guest 66
SDiane : Ask
guest66 : Dus tyler like me
SDiane : Zebra the Elephant is Answering with animal cards
adelaidaaacad : May I know the future of my daughter, she is working now?
SDiane : yes or no answers only
guest66 : oooo kool
SDiane : yes or no
Eternety : Just saying Gnite  – Bless your hearts everybody – See you!
guest66 : okkkkk
SDiane : Ok  Eternety, see you tomorrow
guest66 : gtg!
monicamonica : my turn
SDiane : 66
guest66 : Srry I hav to go!thx for ur time!!
monicamonica : My-turn
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monicamonica : Plz
monicamonica : Yes
SDiane : Monica
guest66 : thx!!!!bibi thank u soo much!
monicamonica : Does-aidin-like-me
monicamonica : Yes
monicamonica : thank you
monicamonica : Shud I ask him out
SDiane : Zebra the elephant says  yes
missinghiskiss : I’m back. Will you answer a question for me
guest28 : Hi
squishy1231 : Hi ! I have a question 🙂
cocksuckersssss : Will Sean msg me soon?
Teknicalblonde : wow lol
SDiane : 1 Monica
guest26 : lol
monicamonica : Yes
monicamonica : one-second
angbri : I have a ?
monicamonica : will -mybrothersurvivecancer
guest59 : Did u die ur hairr?
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monicamonica : YES!
angbri : whats going on with my halth?
SDiane : No, wig for show
cybertyper : It’s not Ms SDiane… it’s Ms. Agatha
cybertyper : 🙂
angbri : health
adelaidaaacad : How can I start my private reading?
guest59 : I like it
babs004 : Will my new business succeed?
SDiane : Hit the START BUTTON
monicamonica : GOD-BLESS-YOU goodbye:)
cybertyper : nite Zebra
missinghiskiss : Hi I’m getting worried, SDiana
guest59 : I thought it was an elephant
guest26 : Hi I have a question
adep12 : that’s too cute
adep12 : GN zebra.
guest47 : hi
monicamonica : wait!
monicamonica : I have -one-more-question
monicamonica : okay
SDiane : Zebra the Elephant answers questions from  5:00–5:30
Polka7869 :SDiane u look good today
Polka7869 : no joke
Jbounkit : Hello
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monicamonica : okay:)
adep12 : What time zone?
SDiane : +9:30–11:30   PST
SDiane : July  1   8:00–10:00 AM
SDiane : 3-6
SDiane : 7:8:00
Polka7869 : Why
SDiane : 7:00 –9:00
SDiane : I have other responsibilities in the world
Jbounkit : me
Park53 : I’m new.
adep12 : Ye Ii did
adelaidaaacad : Yes. I am
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SDiane : New member!   Adalaid
SDiane : Celebration of the new members
Jbounkit : Hey
seraph_777 : yay
seraph_777 : hello
seraph_777 : 🙂
Jbounkit : 🙂
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seraph_777 : you shouldhave a tv show SDiane
seraph_777 : like on a major channel
SDiane : make it happen, Seraph
seraph_777 :I ‘lltry
SDiane : Adalaid
SDiane : Adep12
SDiane : Jbounkit
SDiane : Park53
seraph_777 : wow
seraph_777 : yay
seraph_777 : omg
adep12 : that’s so cute
Foreverlove14 : Hello(:
seraph_777 : I’m listening to an underoath album and the cd cover is one of those spirals
seraph_777 : lol
cybertyper : ))
SDiane : Stars and Stripes forever!
SDiane : Jedi–welcome!
Jbounkit : lol
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SDiane : May the fOrce be with you
SDiane : Bells
SDiane : www.sdiane.com
SDiane : List membership–ow many time10 vists
SDiane : bells
SDiane : two word prayer
SDiane : 11 visit private
SDiane : Status–seeking status
SDiane : bells 10
heavenly1 : Hello, SDiane
SDiane : token  two word prayer goes on the altar
iluvherps : HELP! PLEASE
SDiane : We take tokens to  our prayer circle;then they are   sent along to Kansas Mo  where the people at Silent Unity pray for you more 30 days
iluvherps : I NEED JESUS
iluvherps : AND YOU TO HELP READ ME!
SDiane : 11 vists and a private chat—-email reading–profile email reading
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SDiane : iluvherps–START
iluvherps : SORRY DSiane
iluvherps : CALLL ME 321 2717409
SDiane : Star    Crew
SDiane : 11 visits and private chat
SDiane : 21  visit   move into the House
SDiane : 39th visit eye on the wordl
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SDiane : Last step move into the lighthouse  50+  private chat 4 private
SDiane : status–learn a lot  and grow alot–I give a lot
SDiane : free in the Free Chat area
squishy1231 : Hi  I hav a ?
SDiane : –talk to me about your problems in –PVT CHAT
SDiane : Morning meditation  PST 9:30–11:30 July 1-
SDiane : psy cards.
SDiane : Blog of what goes on–www.sdiane.com
SDiane : Fun Chat Room
guest2 : Hi
SDiane : The Oracle Speaks–I am  writing a book
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seraph_777 : Maybe I can have some people watch your shows
SDiane : Essays are being written there
SDiane : Journal of what goes on with me
SDiane : 3 minutes til end of show time