Mystery Saturday June 4, 2011

Mystery Card  Saturday, June 4, 2011

1 private chat    My desire is to have 2-3 per hour I am on. Thank you.

On this segment of the Oracle’s Fun Chat,SDiane draws a card for the members in order of arrival and the Members read for each other. There were 70 members in and out of the chat room. An excerpt from the log of that chat is below.

P.S. The +++++++ symbols separate one reader from another or signal the end of their commentary on the card that is under consideration. We were using a no-word deck called The Soul Deck.

Special shout out to Kassy25, Seraph_777, All is Positive and Jaded Heart. for their assitance in keeping the crowd informed and included. Welcome back Carlyj33!

The Readings

wananow : she likes to have control and it looks like you have it it’s good that you have controlnalalone : wow =)

kassy25 : SPOT ON ALL OF US

SDiane : Kassy25  all done

prettyblueeyed : She is over eating.chantastic : not grounded to what she really wants to do

DialogueDiva : +++++

Ontheblue : hi  nalalone :

wananow : +++++++++

JadedHeart : +++++++

allispositive : ++++++++++++++

rolinsand : +++++

DialogueDiva : Seems like one foot is planted and the other is ready to move…

prettyblueeyed : She is at a cross road and trying to figure out what she want to do in life.wananow : she likes to have control and it looks like you have it it’s good that you have control

JadedHeart : New Beginnings ………..coming up

rolinsand : one piece of solid ground but has to leave another behind in order to do so

JadedHeart : Kassy…..A path away to new beginning or maybe the ending of something in life

DivineLust : kassy feels that live tumbles down allaround her at timesrolinsand : it looks like she is being pulled in a lot of different directions & is trying to move to

allispositive : capable nature

allispositive : wild nature, going to get some problems but soon they’ve been released by your

SDiane : kassy25–

kassy25 : hyes

DivineLust : thank u all

SDiane : Kassy25

DivineLust : i know so hahah

SDiane : Plan and appointment, rolinsand : 🙂

DivineLust : i think so hahah

SDiane : Divine Lust–sounds like a case for the Oracle Sdiane in private

JadedHeart : oh that is a good one …

.DivineLust : i cant shut it down when i need to

DivineLust : how to handle it

DivineLust : have no issues but the card relates to psychic eye that has opened up and I dont know

SDiane : Divine lust feedback

nalalone : She is a frustrated with her self

allispositive : yes,chantastic : what is the question

allispositive : ++++++++++++++++

allispositive :

herewananow : ++++++

kassy25 : +++++++++

rolinsand : +++++

rolinsand : shes very enlightened & in touch with nature.. there’s light coming out of the eye

JadedHeart : ++++++++++++++++

DialogueDiva : ++++++

prettyblueeyed : ==+++++++++

JadedHeart : Divine….Needs to deal with issues, become one with yourself . Love yourself dont hide

DialogueDiva : there is a speck in the eye…seems to be over critical of others – release the criticism

wananow : ++++++++++

rolinsand : intelligent & may need to overcome physical beauty & insecurity or materialism

kassy25 : do not be so sad and embrace not just the good but the bad in ur life

wananow : he cries to others, or he views very sorry for a sultanrolinsand : the face part is dark & the head part is light which makes me think DivineLust is

chantastic : okay

chantastic : how r uprettyblueeyed : She is dealing with alot and over powered and is trying to figure out what to do.

allispositive : sweets around you, most love, caring and passion

chantastic : hi

DivineLust : hahah

DivineLust : yes

SDiane : Divine Lust

SDiane : Practice

SDiane : lucybee?

SDiane : Lucy feedback

kassy25 : she needs to embrace her child in her too xxxxxx

SDiane : cowbois–?

prettyblueeyed : ++++++++++++++++++++++++

JadedHeart : +++++++++

DialogueDiva : ++++++++

allispositive : ++++++++++++++

rolinsand : +++++wananow : ++++++++++

SDiane : +++++++++++++++

JadedHeart : Needs to give her faith over to God. Surrender to him he knows what is best

DivineLust : u ve prayed and now let god help u

allispositive : enlightment*

allispositive : enlightmement

wananow : she have  guilt i think

JadedHeart : good*

prettyblueeyed : I think it means that she is dealing with alot but decided to let it go

kassy25 : she is to be free of her problems  and enter into the light

DialogueDiva : rescue you from the stress

DialogueDiva : facing some challenges, but urged to surrender and allow the resources around you to rescu

JadedHeart : is god for you rolinsand : in the picture & be free like the figure above herrolinsand : i interpret that card for lucybee as she is looking to surrender or put her hands up like

SDiane : Lucybee–card


cowboicasanova : Alright

cowboicasanova : What’s going on today?

kassy25 : ok

SDiane : send me your e-mail address as well as home

allispositive : sent

kassy25 : will do

allispositive : yes I do

SDiane : Allispostive do you

JadedHeart : Yes I do Believe in Angels

cowboicasanova : How are you

kassy25 : yes i do

wananow : yesS

SDiane : Jaded heart

SDiane : Kassy25

kassy25 : yes

SDiane : angels

kassy25 : ok

SDiane : Kassy25–send me address

cowboicasanova : Hello

kassy25 : yes

allispositive : ok 🙂

SDiane : allispositive I have special gift for you please send me you raddress on Facebook–ok?

allispositive : yes

SDiane : Read 3

SDiane : Lucybee

DivineLust : yes

JadedHeart : yes

DialogueDiva : yes

rolinsand : i understand yes

kassy25 : yes

wananow : yes

SDiane : Do all understand?

SDiane : Feedback

SDiane : Tell us what was good or bad–Tell who the person who got closest

SDiane : Thank you


SDiane : Example

SDiane : Lucybee

SDiane : Learn your own intuitive powers

rolinsand : yes

DialogueDiva : yes

allispositive : hello guest163

SDiane:please register guest

163 : hello

wananow : are i 🙂

kassy25 : me

wananow : i

allispositive : wana you’re pscychic! 😀

wananow : i dream things that happens it is normal ?

SDiane : last card

guest143 : karma is a bitch! u lost that dog because u treat everyone like crap. told ya

SDiane : on Sat members read–i show the deck before they do

rolinsand : cool! what is a reading deck card show?

SDiane : allispositive is a crew member

allispositive : yes I am 🙂

rolinsand : hey allispositive, ive seen you in other rooms before, are you a helper on here? 🙂

SDiane : reading deck card show

allispositive : hello rolins

rolinsand : hello. good song 🙂

allispositive : xDSDiane : last round

allispositive : 129*

allispositive : Guest29

allispositive : hello Guest please register

guest129 : hey

JadedHeart : Nalalone….please if you need Sdiane click on private Reading

SDiane : cybewananow–card show now watch–wait

wananow : hi

nalalone : okS

SDiane : nalalone–not now–watche show

nalalone : I wanted to know if my relationship will last

SDiane : prettyblueeyed  ground rules say no cross talk during my work with you or group  watch

nalalone : hi

cocacola1234 : may i aska q?

prettyblueeyed : howdy yall

kassy25 : lucky fish lol

JadedHeart : okay I will do that

SDiane : Please send it to me on facebook

allispositive : 🙂

JadedHeart : Hi Allis

allispositive : hello Jaded

JadedHeart : Hello SDiane

prettyblueeyed : ok

kassy25 : hey allispositive

SDiane : you aren’t spposed to know–watch

allispositive : hello kassy

kassy25 : keep watching

prettyblueeyed : I dont know what those cards mean

prettyblueeyed :  I am confused.

prettyblueeyed : Who is that

sumonme : nice mask

sumonme : hi

guest69 : tonja when I merry

DivineLust : hahah

DialogueDiva : Wonderful choice of song

DialogueDiva : Helloooo

DialogueDiva : EnVogue is the group _ Free Your Mind

DivineLust : vogue

Shonna :

josie: what do you mean? what was your question?

prettyblueeyed : Who is this singing?

capricorn7 : my sound went out isk what happened

DivineLust : and the rest will follow

prettyjosie95 : she’s ignoring my question because she knows she is doing something wrong

allispositive : hello Shonna

Shonna : Hi Ivana!

capricorn7 : I cant hear sorry

Shonna : Capricorn: listen to the rules

vickip : how are you?

SDiane : Mystery Card Saturday

allispositive : no cards!

capricorn7 : can u pull me a card?

Shonna : Hello!

prettyjosie95 : WHAT THE HELL !!!(saw Oracle in mask)

SDiane : Card Show  Ground Rules

allispositive : amen

allispositive : I thought you’re leaving, thank God I came on time 😀

prettyjosie95 : Dont you recieve your power from the devil?

kassy25 : amen

DivineLust : amen

SDiane : amen

DivineLust : lo

lprettyjosie95 : ?

DivineLust : it is you na?

prettyjosie95 : how you praying to god and your a pyschic !

DivineLust : hey miss sdiane

SDiane : I just came on

SDiane : Hello Allispostive

allispositive : hello

SDiane 😀

SDiane : Don’t be afraid–its a chant for cause- effect

prettyjosie95 : your scaring me !!

prettyblueeyed : Nice!

prettyjosie95 : if you’re a pyschic ,you worship the devil

SDiane : It clears the air and and connects us in spirit

prettyblueeyed : Ok sounds good.

prettyjosie95 : why are you chanting that ?


SDiane : chants

SDiane : Japanese   prayer

prettyjosie95 : why are you praying in that language

prettyblueeyed : What chant is that?

SDiane : No

guest40 : hello

capricorn7 : have I met the man I’m meant to be with ?