Meditation Morning Tuesday June 7

Morning Meditation from Tuesday, June 7

Prayer 166

On a Voyage  Sioux tribe, USA

You, Oh God, are the Lord of the mountains and the valleys. As I travel over mountains and through valleys, I am beneath your feet. You surround me with every kind of creature. Peacocks, pheasants and wild boars cross my path. Open my eyes to see their beauty, that I may perceive them as the work of your hands. In your power, in your thought, all things are abundant.

Each person is assigned a prayer of their choosing by number as I call on them. They are also assigned a psy card which they have to find the meaning for at They are expected to report back the next day and share their discovery and meaning. Only the first 36 people can get a card because that is all in the deck. But the prayers go to 365. So for one hour, we read prayers from the book for all who ask and give a number. Members are asked to get in the room early or they will miss the flow and the chance to get in the queque early. Each prayer is read twice for the member. Guests are given cards and prayers as well. But they are likely to be timed out of the visitors’ room or not come back to hear their prayer or share their card.

Happily the Meditation is beginning to follow a routine pattern. The members are helping it be smooth and orderly though –as always–people come in all during the service. It is the nature of the format. After all, we’re only having a show while we wait for private chats. And the private chats can come at any moment, any time. Sometimes the member who wants a private gives no warning. I find that I am just about to answer a guest question or move from one segment to another, when–swish, I hear that fan fare and see that speaker icon–and I am instantly taken out of Free Chat taken to private chat. That is good since the entire reason to be at is to provide consultation to those seeking support, direction, and answers.

Of course, it is a shift to go from my usual antics to the deep, sacred silence of the private chat room. But I can settle in quickly enough. I love it when the holy spirit descends on me. I just drop into my heart chakra and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.

Today, I had two private chats and that fulfills my desire for 2 each hour I am on. That would be one each hour or two every hour.  The attendence in the chat room for the morning meditation is growing and we are getting new members each day. There were 39 people today, not counting guests who come and go.

New people include:













I love gummybears










The Crew who assist me with keeping the newbies informed and fold them in are Raimy18, cybertyper,Kisses85, dc nair, emyrates, Scorpio, Jaded Heart, Jean0209 [ *Crew members earn their status by visits, long association,or private chats.}

Here is the log from the chat but know its so much better to be there and enjoy the organic quality of the response to the prayers from the big book of prayer, The Bridge of Stars. Often people take an audible breath through time and space  after hearing their choice of prayer; the world prayers are so touching.

We did a long meditation using the Hu  (love song to God which is an ancient name for God). I also balanced their chakras with a guided meditation and a chart of the external auric field, and the internal system of 8 chakras. We did affirmations and held the silence for two minutes.


Most of the First Hour of Chat


angelmichael68 : hello

cybertyper : we are just randomly choosing a verse/prayer by choosing a number 1-365

missella : hello

guest62 : hi

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lorelei3 : 99

SDiane : 99  “Earth Teacher”  USA prayer of the Native Tribe called the Ute

lorelei3 : 🙂

guest19 : hi

lorelei3 : it’s so beautiful…

SDiane : prayer a psycard–register its fast and easy

guest76 : hello imen i am sagitairius women plz s diane

SDiane : 19   76

guest72 : hi how are you

SDiane : 72   93–Please register

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planetfuture : hi

guest76 : plz imen i am here plz

planetfuture : how r u

SDiane : casi_nichole

lorelei3 : 🙂

casi_nichole : yes maam

casi_nichole : 36 please

guest72 : hello

planetfuture : may i ask question

planetfuture : ok

poet1234 : hi poet back

casi_nichole : I didnt get my card yet either

SDiane : planet  plz wait–you will get a prayer and a card

planetfuture : sure

guest76 : imen

casi_nichole : oh no – that isnt always bad is it

guest61 : hey

SDiane : Ask for your card if you did not get one yet

guest76 : plz imen

SDiane : 36 A Beateous Evening”

angelmichael68 : 77

SDiane : William Wordsworth   England

capricorn7 : b back later have a great day diane and room lol

guest86 : longfellow?

angelmichael68 : can i have my card

kay2011 : hi s.diane

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guest76 : s diane plz imen i am here plz…..plz

casi_nichole : thank you

guest46 : hello

SDiane : Guest 46  hello to  you

SDiane : 46 plz join us–get a prayer and a card today–free registration

Jean0209 : amen

SDiane : gig75

SDiane : peace

SDiane : Kisses85

gigi75 : yes

kisses85 : I DID N’T GET MY CARD YET……58

SDiane : Youre late

cybertyper : gigi75’s here! 🙂

gigi75 : i been here

SDiane : You didn’t answer when I called your name

gigi75 : was on the phone with dr

SDiane : Your card is peace gigi

gigi75 : ty

jrbeaty : hello

SDiane : That doesn’t matter try to be here

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jrbeaty : ty

gigi75 : well im sry then pass me then next time not worth agrivation

SDiane : I will give you a card and a prayer

Jean0209 : we just love you

gigi75 : i cant tell the dr to shut up

cybertyper : peace is a nice card after a call to a doctor gigi x

SDiane : Gigi–lets forget it

SDiane : Give me your number

gigi75 : yeah good idea

SDiane : Plz your number

gigi75 : 5

cybertyper : slow connection to your screen sdiane…

SDiane : “5    An Offering Time”  France

SDiane : thats it gigi

jrbeaty : I love that

kisses85 : DIDN’T GET MY CARD!!  58

gigi75 : ty

SDiane : Kisses  your card is the puzzle

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suresh91 : hi

SDiane :

suresh91 : this is suresh kumar

suresh91 : r u there

SDiane : 58  “Behold”

SDiane : Hawaii  19th century   USA

labebe1978 : sdiane u will call me when there is a chance for my prayer ty

SDiane : Labbebe–I will call you but the line is long–

labebe1978 : ok ty

suresh91 : hello diane

SDiane : Thats it

kisses85 : NICE

SDiane : Hello Suresh–good to see you here

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Jean0209 : very nice

suresh91 : same here

SDiane : Fiercetika1

suresh91 : this is suresh i born in 28june 1991

Fiercetika1 : tika

scorpio1980 : shall i go get some water? do i have time?

SDiane : I do not need your atrological info suresh

planetfuture : Am i on list?

SDiane : no–you are next–dash

scorpio1980 : 😀

suresh91 : so what u need just my question

SDiane : planet you are on list

Jean0209 : lol

SDiane : suresh–I am not taking questions–this is a morning meditation

SDiane : I give cards and a prayer

jordanlongxo : amen

suresh91 : so what is this section

SDiane : If you want private talk–buy credits now

surpise : can you tell me if i am on the path of god

SDiane : I am available

SDiane : Surprise–see me in private–that is so personl and sacred

surpise : its like he got me on a mession on the street

SDiane : 1-365

SDiane : Fiercetika?

Fiercetika1 : 28

jrbeaty : am i on the list

guest9 : whats going to happen in the future?

SDiane : yes

Fiercetika1 : ok

SDiane : God provides

SDiane : Psalms 104:14-15

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cybertyper : Private Readings available… just hit the yellow button, when you’re ready!

cybertyper : Guests please register to avoid being timed out of the free chat area.

babygirl529 : hi

cybertyper : hi

Fiercetika1 : thank you

babygirl529 : can i ask a quetsion

suresh91 : tel me what this section is for

suresh91 : i wanna ask about my future

mysticscorpion : Amen!

SDiane : Babygirl529–You may ask only a gneral question

cybertyper : it’s a free chat area to pass the time in between private readings

SDiane : I am availbale for personal session in private

ilovegummybears : heyyy diane 🙂

SDiane : 9:45

SDiane : Scorpiuo1980

gigi75 : do i need to report my card?

scorpio1980 : ok

scorpio1980 : 282

suresh91 : diane answer me plz

SDiane : Too late today–tomorrow

jrbeaty : am i going to get a prayer

SDiane : sureshi–what?

scorpio1980 : can i have a card as well?

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casi_nichole : suresh91 – YOU NEED TO GO TO PRIVATE CHAT she already answered that

suresh91 : i wanna knw about my future

SDiane : Scorpio–your card is the message

scorpio1980 : ok

scorpio1980 : what was the site again?

casi_nichole :

scorpio1980 : thnx

SDiane : 282  Humility   Persia   Jalil Rumi

casi_nichole : it is the best I found when you get there go to the library tab at the top

jrbeaty : can i get a card

scorpio1980 : wow!!!

mysticscorpion : Amen

scorpio1980 : thanks

casi_nichole : then click on the “inividual cards” on the left side and then pick your card out to read

SDiane : angelmicahel68

SDiane : 1-365

angelmichael68 : yes

scorpio1980 : thank you

angelmichael68 : 77

suresh91 : diane i wanna knw about my futurre tel me something plz

casi_nichole : your welcome, good luck with your card

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suresh91 : diane hi

jrbeaty : i just want a card and prayer

casi_nichole : oooo cant wait Diane!

Raimy18 : gonna go sdiane cya xo

SDiane : 77You came late jrbeaty–so I may not have time

jrbeaty : ok ty

SDiane : Raimy see ya

ninjawarrior : hello SDiane how are you?

suresh91 : suresh here—I  am asking again and again can u tel me something about my future can u and

trulyme : hi SDiane

suresh91 : what i need to do for it

angelmichael68 : no

JadedHeart : Sureish what are you needing?

casi_nichole : Suresh – She has explained this too you several times as well as many other ppl here

cybertyper : suresh it’s not a free reading room

dcnair : sorry, i got very upset and angry and so i left

ninjawarrior : why did you ignore me SDiane?

cybertyper : if you want a reading go get credits and pay for it x

JadedHeart : you would need to have a private reading

SDiane : ninja–I did not ignore you

SDiane : I did not seee you til now

ninjawarrior : you didn’t say hi to me

ninjawarrior : oh ok

angelmichael68 : what is my prayer

SDiane : “Walking on a Summer Morning”  77  Germany   Theodor  Fontane

suresh91 : u r ignoring me inna

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suresh91 : i’l take ur leave now

SDiane : sureshi–you are not being ignored–but I told you what to do

SDiane : The members also told you–sureshi–pay for the  services

SDiane : Thats it

angelmichael68 : thats pretty

SDiane : missella

missella : i didnt get a card yet…23

angelmichael68 : thank you

SDiane : 1-365

SDiane : missella–your card

SDiane : the sage

SDiane :

SDiane : 23

guest19 : can you pull me a card I think god is try na tell me about the world

missella : ok thank you

SDiane : “At the Table”  23

SDiane : Nigeria

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SDiane : At theTable  from Nigeria

guest19 : why it was a trade and why it was rights and wrongs

montse : hello

montse : there

montse : how re u

lelyana23 : hii

montse : can i have a card plz

SDiane : Montse–good to see you

montse : me tood

lelyana23 : me 2

missella : amen

SDiane : line is long waiting

guest19 : and the ending of life

missella : thank you

SDiane : 13 prayer time left

guest19 : pull me a card please

lelyana23 : me..

jrbeaty : is it my turn yet

guest19 : remember what i say guest 19

casi_nichole : Guest 19 – please register for FREE in order to participate

SDiane : Thats it missella

guest19 : my name is bridgette

SDiane : jrbeaty

missella : thanku

SDiane : number?

jrbeaty : 13

SDiane : mother

SDiane : report back

guest19 : is that something that you not soppost to tell the end of life

ninjawarrior : not so sloppy now

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lelyana23 : r u gonna read me a plz ..

lelyana23 : ok sure

SDiane : “The window sill of heaven”  13  Lelyana–I am not certain I can get you in

casi_nichole : Guest19 – You have to register for free as a member and then join a private chat to get

casi_nichole : a question answered.

SDiane : Windowsill of Heaven is a modern prayer –country unknown

SDiane : Thomas Blake

lelyana23 : oOh oki

SDiane : thats it jrbeaty

SDiane : jaded Heart

jrbeaty : ty

JadedHeart : 87

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SDiane : 87–card?

JadedHeart : no

SDiane : the skills

ninjawarrior : hi, am i in line SDiane?

ninjawarrior : ok

SDiane : “Lighten My Darkness” I have 11 minutes for this part

SDiane : 1 hour of  prayers

SDiane : 10-11

ninjawarrior : ok

SDiane : be here early

SDiane : Norway   J.S. Wehaven

ninjawarrior : I didnt expect anything i was just asking

SDiane : ok ninja–i was just saying too

missella : cya diane thank u for the prayer and card. seeya xo

SDiane : Your’re welcome–so longmissella

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SDiane : jaded thats it

JadedHeart : thank you

SDiane : Jean0209–


This log is just a bit of the full activity of the room. here is the morning schedule:

9:30 Lightshow, prayer bells, music, chant and Sdiane’s prayer for everyone

9:31-944  Card assignments and welcome, guests and member arrive

9:45  Psy Card reports–new cards given

10:00 Prayer readings begin

11:00 Prayer reading end–Positive Affirmation with the Tatwas cards

11:15 Chakra Balancing (color show)

11:20 Hu Chant

11:25 silent meditation

11:28  Announcements

11:30  end of show


See ya at 3:00 PM PST for Wonderful Wacky Wednesday