Jesus and the Multitudes–a parable–June 24,2011

Yesterday, Thursday, June 23, the Morning Meditation, got out of control. So many new people came that it was like someone was giving away $100 dollar bills!

The room filled with the regulars quickly:  Eternety, Rach 07, Terry Tyler, Luscious Lioness, Elated Heart, Lorelei3, Kisses85,  Julznycles,  Tilly40218, G3London, Lexi0987, and Raimy 18.  They all said “Hi!” good morning and teased me about my return to my natural self-representation as SDiane, the Oracle, as opposed to O. Codger, my alter ego who hosted the Wacky Wednesday Show the previous day. Eternety said, “Good morning, All!” That was funny because I did not look like the same person Thursday morning as I had on Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading “Jesus and the Multitudes–a parable–June 24,2011”

“Bitter-Sweet” Journal Entry for week of June 20-25 2011

One prayer is called “The Bitter and the Sweet” That’s What I Feel About This Week’s Chat and My Work

This is the Oracle coming at you again, saying thank you for your continued visits to my chat room.

This week June 20 through June 25, has been a riot. Lots of old members have come back. Some new ones have made a real impression. And those who are constant support remained faithful. In appreciation for that on-going interest, I made a video on the www.  site that thanks specific “crew” members personally and publicaly.  If you’d like to see it, better do so before Sunday, June 26. After that time, I will start to run a new video promotion for the change in my scheduling.  Which will go to 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM  July 1 Pacific Standard Time. I keep the programming going twice a day because I enjoy the change and energy so much, and because I want to have access to new members. The Chat Room can become stagnant when the same people come again and again, and they have already had one or more private chats. At $3.99 a minute, I don’t suspect any member new or old will want to be chatting me up every few days. Besides, I like  the comfort of familiar names and developing lines of communication and thought from day to day. And the talk is never stagnant, just my access to private chat. Continue reading ““Bitter-Sweet” Journal Entry for week of June 20-25 2011″

SDiane’s ,the Oracle’s Song List–she sings



Amazing Grace

Amos Moses

Are You Sure?

Bird Dog

Brown-eyed Handsome Man

Bye Bye Love

Chantilly Lace

Delta Dawn

Door of My Heart

Fly Me to the Moon

Fortune Teller

Goodnight Irene

Goodnight Sweetheart

Happy Trails

He’s Got the Whole World

How Great Thou Art

I Am Woman

I like It Here

I’ll Take You There

I Told Jesus IT’d Be All Right If He Changed My Name

I’m Walking

In the Garden

In the Land of I Am

Jeremiah Peabody

Joy Joy Joy

Lean On Me

Let It Be

Lovely Day

Love Is Like An Itching in MY Heart

Money Money

My World Is Empty Without You

Om Shanti

Over the Rainbow


Pied piper

Poison Ivy

Sea Cruise

See You Later Alligator

Speak Lord, Speak to Me

Star Spangled Banner

Stars and STripes Forever

Surely the Presence

Thank you for this Day Spirit

That’s All Right Mama

Today While the Blossoms

Wade in the Water

We Are the World

What the World Needs Now

What’s so good about goodbye

When You Wish Upon a Star

Where Did Our Love Go

Witch Doctor

Yellow Submarine

You are the sunshine of my life

You Can’t Catch Me

Telepathic Tuesday, June 7,2011

Telepathic Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 Private chats 1 email reading Thanks for your support of my work and life

The fun chat room filled up for the weekly practice of our telepathic powers. For this segment of the Oracle’s Fun Chat, SDiane usually plans 6-9 rounds of gentle tests for our higher powers of mind. The Rounds usually start easy and get more challenging.

Last week SDiane declared it graduation day, and so, instead of hiding things for us to discover in boxes and bags, or writing hidden messages on script boards, she had developed a number of new means for us to stretch our minds.  She continued that today.

Crew Present: Eternety, Kassy25,Mylife123, allispositive, Cybertyper,CarlyJ33,Alysium Dream,G3London ,Edlyn25,Seraph_777

Other members: Casi_Nichole, Stanga, Amphitrite, Aura123,Liam25,Freddy19708,Freyacrow,Yollandy,Fiercetika1,lost_angel,Mark2902,Amphitrite, lunadel, smilists, blessed35,Chantastic, Lauralzano, Lelyanna56,Tyroney,  gemma25

Because we had such a big crowd and the results had to be checked, there were only three rounds but they had several practices built in to them.

Round 1 Remote Viewing: SDiane instructed the members and guests to partner up. She assigned two by two to work together as A and B. The problem soon arose that people left the room or did not participate as expected. So she was forced to keep reassigning people. It was a bit hairy, but the members did not complain–they just got confused as to who was with whom. As it turned out, the teams of Freycrow and Fiercetika1, Casi and Allispositve, and Eternety and MyLife123 and Seraph and Kassy25 were most successful.

Considering that the chat room is designed for individual talk between the host and the individual members, this was quite a feat. Members forming dyads across cyberspace! Breakthrough in the dark of wireless communication!

Anyway the first Round was to have the partnered members try to see some article of clothing their partner was wearing and the color if possible.

Fiercetika was able to see the green dress (or rather the green in the dress) of Freyacrow. Freyacrow was able to see red in the top Fiercetika1 was wearing. A kicking team these two!

In another practice of that same Round (1) Freyacrow was asked to send a name of a family member to Fiercetika and Fierce was to tell her what she got. The sending was accomplished by just focusing on the partner’s name and conscentrating on the third eye of your own self. Freyacrow sent the name “Amy” and Fiercetika got it! Then, and remarkably, Fiercetika1 sent the same name (because she too has a family member named “Amy”) and Freyacrow got it! These two were on fire.

Spain246, who temporarily paired with Edlyn25, sent Edlyn the name “Michael” and Edlyn25 got it!  This was a good demonstration that we could displace cell phones if we just tried to develop our latent abilities. Continue reading “Telepathic Tuesday, June 7,2011”

Wacky Wonderful Wednesday June 8, 2011

Wacky Wonderful Wednesday June 8, 2011


The crew was there.The guests were there.The puppets were there. And here’s the log!  Read the madness for yourself and laugh. What made this show so interesting was that I had on a blonde wig because it was “wacky” Wednesday. I also had on a fruity dress with citrus slices for comic color. Many of the members commented. They thought I looked nice. Some even said I reminded them of a brown Marilyn Monroe and Barbie–of all people!  I did like the suggestion that I resembled Tina Turner.

The puppets Mystic Kitty, Joshua Joy Bear, and Zebra the Elephant are assigned specific times and tasks. Mystic kitty opens the Wednesday show at 3:15 PM PST after I play the fanfare, and do a color or spiral wheel.She speaks in meowese. So I interpret for her. My alter, Miss Agatha, was in one of her sultry–get them told moods. So I had to dash in and out of character. But for her segment, Mystic Kitty has a Magic 8 ball, and she answers questions if asked. She has an 45 minutes to do her segment. Then at 4:00 PM PST Joshua Joy Bear comes on–He’s the bear puppet. He makes everyone laugh. He tells funny corny jokes. Then he interviews a couple of members.

Tonight he interviewed Eternety, whose real name is Vivi. She told us lots of fun things to know but especially her philosophy of life which is “Be True to Yourself.” Joshua asked her what talents she had and she said she did design, danced the tango and writes. She got Joshua so excited that he invited his twin brother Jake out and the two of them did this on camera tango. It was hilarious if I do say so myself. Eternety told us what she liked in her partners and the main thing was honesty. But she also said courage and intelligence. She stayed up very late so that Josuha could interview her.(Thank you–a new member juicypop101 wanted to be next but we ran out of time).  Joshua liked Eternety’s name, so he started to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to Eternety because he likes the word “eternity”.  He also did a spontaneous verse or two from “Annie”  because one members name was Tamara_Rivera. He sang “Ta morrow ta ma  ra I love you ta ma ra, you’re always a day a way!” He was funny and cute as always. He did a duet with Jake at the end of the show, singing “Bye bye Love” by the Everly Brothers. He’s full of life and corny jokes. Jake smiles better though.

When he left, Zebra the Elephant came out. Zebra does a 30 minute question answer, This was his official debut because he did not have his voice right last Wednesday. But he came out in silence and whispered a few things to me. He did manage to trumpet a couple of times to the guest’s amazement. He did some reading using the “Medicine Cards:” which show animals. Zebra answered yes and no questions from several members. One member Monica was not satisfied until she knew if somebody liked  her. It made us wonder if she was really old enough to be on the chat.

Our old friend and pain, Polka came by, but I asked her out. She just makes trouble by being out of sync with the flow of the room or making inappropriate remarks. Of course, there is always some lost, dark soul heckling me with sexual innuendo or downright rude or gross remarks. But we ignore them and move along. There is always somebody who wants to steal your joy.

The good news is Cyber Typer picks up a lot of my slack. She directs the visitors to register and she reminds me if I have overlooked someone or need to make a correction. She also teases me –I like it. I have found a friend across the ocean and I am happy about it. She will be working for soon.  She is an excellent intuitive and seer. We did a telepathic exchange yesterday, and it confirmed that we are a good pair of senders and receivers. She sent me a name (“Rachel”) I received “Richard or an “R” sound name. I reported that to her.  So it was good. This was in our “Telepathic Tuesday” show. Go read that after this. I’m out!  The Oracle SDiane Continue reading “Wacky Wonderful Wednesday June 8, 2011”

Meditation Morning Tuesday June 7

Morning Meditation from Tuesday, June 7

Prayer 166

On a Voyage  Sioux tribe, USA

You, Oh God, are the Lord of the mountains and the valleys. As I travel over mountains and through valleys, I am beneath your feet. You surround me with every kind of creature. Peacocks, pheasants and wild boars cross my path. Open my eyes to see their beauty, that I may perceive them as the work of your hands. In your power, in your thought, all things are abundant.

Each person is assigned a prayer of their choosing by number as I call on them. They are also assigned a psy card which they have to find the meaning for at They are expected to report back the next day and share their discovery and meaning. Only the first 36 people can get a card because that is all in the deck. But the prayers go to 365. So for one hour, we read prayers from the book for all who ask and give a number. Members are asked to get in the room early or they will miss the flow and the chance to get in the queque early. Each prayer is read twice for the member. Guests are given cards and prayers as well. But they are likely to be timed out of the visitors’ room or not come back to hear their prayer or share their card.

Happily the Meditation is beginning to follow a routine pattern. The members are helping it be smooth and orderly though –as always–people come in all during the service. It is the nature of the format. After all, we’re only having a show while we wait for private chats. And the private chats can come at any moment, any time. Sometimes the member who wants a private gives no warning. I find that I am just about to answer a guest question or move from one segment to another, when–swish, I hear that fan fare and see that speaker icon–and I am instantly taken out of Free Chat taken to private chat. That is good since the entire reason to be at is to provide consultation to those seeking support, direction, and answers.

Of course, it is a shift to go from my usual antics to the deep, sacred silence of the private chat room. But I can settle in quickly enough. I love it when the holy spirit descends on me. I just drop into my heart chakra and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Continue reading “Meditation Morning Tuesday June 7”

Mystery Saturday June 4, 2011

Mystery Card  Saturday, June 4, 2011

1 private chat    My desire is to have 2-3 per hour I am on. Thank you.

On this segment of the Oracle’s Fun Chat,SDiane draws a card for the members in order of arrival and the Members read for each other. There were 70 members in and out of the chat room. An excerpt from the log of that chat is below.

P.S. The +++++++ symbols separate one reader from another or signal the end of their commentary on the card that is under consideration. We were using a no-word deck called The Soul Deck.

Special shout out to Kassy25, Seraph_777, All is Positive and Jaded Heart. for their assitance in keeping the crowd informed and included. Welcome back Carlyj33! Continue reading “Mystery Saturday June 4, 2011”


This roll call list is in progress. New members are added daily and the count is being tabulated by the Oracle. You cannot advance in status without visits. Come often, and contribute. Make yourself known. Show your personality.


First status step—bells of welcome up to 10

Second status step—10 visits a—prayer token (for altar and forwarding)

Third  status step–11 visits and a private chat–star and crew induction

Fourth step–21 visits + private chat or e-mail00move to House status(token)

Fifth step–41 visits +private chat or e-mail reading–Eye on the World

(token and pin on world map)

Sixth step–50 visits–at the light house–Name posted on the Lighthouse

CREW–celebrated often and

New members celebrated on Fridays and Saturdays Continue reading “MEMBER ROLL CALL /VISITS”

Monday Meditation June 6.2011-launch

Hello everyone, This is the report for Monday, June 6,2011. Just a little note to let you know we launched the Monday Meditation as planned.

As you know we discontinued Monday 1 question promotional readings, but in its place are two new segments of the Fun Chat Room experience. With 15 people in the room and several visiting guests we followed the timed schedule to the letter.

3:00 Colorwheel, bells, prayer and chant

3:15  Psalms Reading 23, 24, and 100

3:20  Daily Word Reading

3:30 -4:15 Member reports on their experiences of growth while at of from meditation, telepathy, or intuitive practice. Chat was vigorous.

4:15 A  Spiritual Exercise–a trance journey as an alligator to get what you want

4:45  Member feed back on what happened during their journey

5:15  Card show

5:30 Card assignments from the Spirit Oracle deck

5:31-5:55 Celebration of new members, celebration of crew members


Here is some of the chanting we did and the lead in to the trance journey

Continue reading “Monday Meditation June 6.2011-launch”