Chat Room Report Thur. May 26;Friday May 27

Chat Room Report for “Education Thursday”, May 26, and “Star Talk” Friday, May 27, 2011

Private readings 9—Thursday, May 26       Friday, May 27—-4

Member Count—80    Thursday May 26           Friday, May 27–49

I have asked you to support me in achieving 10 private readings per day or 2-3 per hour. Don’t forget, please.

New members with Love Notes—5 Crew Present Today and Yesterday

Kfab21—money conscious, maturing                                      Mysticscorpion—teasing, astute

Monica 49—Guarded, Needs validation               Seraph777—the angel of the spheres

LovelyDreamer22—Visionary, self-attuned           Raimy18—regular as the seasons

Neveah11—Pessimistic                         Jaded Heart—devoted, in transformation

Rainbow cutie—bright, and changeable                                                Allis Positive—cheerful and transitory    Timewaitsforno1—philosophic, resigned                     Eternety—Tolerant, Transformational

Spiritttt –quick, personable                                                         Nicole1990* (waiting on star status)

Aquariusun—proud, accomplished                                          G3 London—evolved, loyal

Melodicblues—friendly, easy

KMK-777—(new token!)

It is important for new members to let the Oracle SDiane know when they have 10 visits.                      The Reward and acknowledgement system goes like this:              Bells for each day you come up to ten, 11 visits you get a green prayer token; you must have 11 visits and private chat to move to Star Status. 21 Visits you get “in the House”, (you need another Private Chat). At 41 visits you are placed on the world map where your country is with an “Eye on the World” token. From there you get mentioned in the Blog. These are the steps and each must be accompanied by Private Chat. Bells are only given at the beginning of the hour. Member celebration at last half hour of show.

For Education Thursday—this is the day that we devote to some New Age topic and the Oracle teaches a concept or about a particular subject like angels, dreams, the 12 Biblical Powers, and the Chakra system. We have especially been busy with the Third Eye, trying to see through time and space.


Today the Oracle was phasing out the Education Thursday day and reintegrating the content into the new programming for Meditation Mondays. Some will be worked into Star Talk Fridays. So we just hung out and chatted about this and that. The Oracle asked people random, playful questions:  “What is your favorite piece of clothing?” What song best represents your view of life?”  “If someone was after you, where would you hide in the house?”  “If you could redo something you did, what would it be?”

What would you have answered? Leave a comment!


Surprisingly The Oracle gave quick one sentence answers to questions asked by to visiting members and guests. She said, “We will just have a free flow day. Let’s see where it takes us.” She was asked to prove her gifts by a guest who wanted a sample reading but SDiane told him that she had been doing promotional readings for over a month and a half and “the word is out all around Oranum.” She said that her reputation is established. Someone commented that other psychics come in the Oracle’s room. She told the challenging visitor that he could ask any member who had a Private Chat about her authenticity and compassion, or he could see the testimony on the Profile pages at Oranum.


69Jeff, who is a regular in the Fun Chat Room, shared his testimony about a private reading he had with the Oracle SDiane. He said” My reading was spot on and helpful, and I can’t wait for another reading.” Other people chimed in “She’s great!” “No fooling around—straight to the point.”


Raimy18 got the first balloon. That girl knows how to be first every day! And she is there like the hands of a clock on twelve —how does she do it?  Thanks Ms. Raimey for your commitment and steadfast friendship.


Thursday, I learned the gender of a few new people Johnnic is female, along with KMK_777 and Scaharmienka1981. Why not tell me so I can stop mistaking your energies for male when you’re female?


KMK -777had seen the new blog and reported that it was “inspirational.” Scharmmekia hadn’t been in the Chat Room for a few weeks, so we welcomed her back. “Long time no see!”  Big Dipper, who has ducked in and out over the last month, commented that “SDiane is awesome.” The Oracle asked him if he was aware of the similarity of his name to the Big Bopper. He didn’t know who that was. So she told him about the deceased rock and roll icon of the l950s, and sang “Chantilly Lace!” Many members typed in “lol” and made J faces. Jessaa was in the house—has been on a long vacation. MusicLover shared that she liked “What’s Love Go to Do with It?” This was one of the songs that SDiane played as we chatted back and forth. The room was full of talk tonight. We talked about fate and destiny. Saylinz wanted to know the difference in shadow and apparitions.    Aura123 invited visitors to join and helped to manage the room. And a few unsavory trolls. We must pray for these people and welcome them in to play if they will come. That’s all they want is acceptance. Starzmoons made appointment for Thursday morning reading but was under tornado watch in her area. 69 Jeff said I needed energy today so I thought I’d come by today.” It’s nice to think we all hold that much magnetic drawing power. We Are The Light of the World!” Kassy25—dropped in saying she is “loving the show!”


Lots of people, lots of energy. Cybertyper gave us a link for a video on You tube “Om Shanti”.

Speaking of which, that song has become a room favorite, and I am being double and triple teamed by the sweetly devious “Arua123, Allispositive, Edlyn25 and Cybertyper to sing and play is accompanied by my Native drum. I do love that song, but I have many others that are as spiritual—like “Thank you Spirit” and “Amazing Grace.”  I even have a song list—silly song, meaningful songs, occasion songs—I always sing goodnights to the crew members and familiar members. So get to know me and the room. It’s a warm and loving space.

Star Talk Friday: Jogger was the first person in the member room—beat Raimy18—will wonders never cease?! Jogger got the first balloon. But there were lots more—The Oracle did a Memorial Day 5 balloon pop works to transition to the Star Talk segment after we saw an amazing color show and did the Tatwas Affirmation Card Show.


New people never know what is going on and talk through the card show, but they are not supposed to. It is meant to be watched carefully. It is a subliminal and a potent attempt to transform you from thinking in three dimensions. It heightens your awareness and increases your propensity for knowing—psychically. Please pay attention during card shows. There are ground rules to the Oracle Fun Chat—they are shown each day at the opening of the show. The main one is respect the hostess and be patient—wait until you are called upon and no dirty or inappropriate talk. We expect no cross-talk when the hostess is speaking and none when she is reading for anyone. Watch, listen, learn and share. We thank you all for helping our room remain a sacred space of harmony, peace and love.

NOTE—The Oracle got caught trying to sneak on line and do a reading for Starzmoons at 10AM –three hours ahead of time!  But Raimey, Allispositive,mylife123, and Chloe were there like the FBI—SDiane was so chagrinned—she laughed and laughed. Raimy told her that she had signaled telepathically that she was coming on. It felt like she was right. Raimy18 said SDiane said telepathically, “Raimy get your  a—here!” Raimy said she’s my bodyguard. I am sure of it now! The Mysteries of the Universe. Never ever try to sneak into cyber space with your hair uncombed and no lipstick! But SDiane got a reading out of it with mylife123(thank you mylife) but Starzmoons was no where to be found—here’s hoping the tornado did not affect her life and intentions. (Blessed be and we affirm her safety and wholeness.)


Big shout out to those who help manage the crowds and welcome new members and visiting guests! Cybertyper, Melodicblues, Allispositive, Eternety, GoldenAge* (not here a long time) and Niwroc_D61, Raimey18 and dcnair.


Today we had Star Principles of Affirmation to consider and tried to  find examples in the world and in our lives that prove these. The Principles are:

  1. If something can go right, it will.
  2. 2. Nothing is too good to be true, only what is good is true.
  3. Ease is more effective than struggle.
  4. Love is the law that always works. Life takes care of those who love.
  5. 5. You are safe right now. Danger seems real only in the past and the future.
  6. Asking for what you want increases your chances of getting it.
  7. Idols always fall on those who worship them.
  8. No door closes without a wider one opening.
  9. Life keeps on finding new and more joyful forms to express itself.
  10. Life is good and only gets better.


We finished the first 8; there are two left on the Elementary List and 7 more that are left on the Advanced List. Come next Friday to join in the chat. We’re really advancing week to week, through each installment, especially after “Telepathic Tuesday”.


The Oracle SDiane also gave us the signs of the zodiac with the symbol and description of the primary means of expression. For example she said that Aries is the Ram and its mode is always to express “I am.” This sign is assertive, impulsive and independent. Want yours? Leave a comment and ask!


Divine Lust and dcnair shared that they were best friends and had met in the cyberrooms of Oranum. Very nice!  Deiiz came to  SDiane’s attention during the chat and she assigned him/her the two word description: “loves the color yellow and is shy.” Deiiz—was stunned and amazed—He or She said, “Omg! WOW.” I guess The Oracle got it right. Lol.

The best user names: FallonMcKenzie, Lavendarlove69, tippythomas, Big Dipper, Freyacrow, Jenfitz, KYQ900,MusciLover,Sedona&Taym,sxladyjade,starzmoons, momosugah, Isaale, Selenemandujaro, Vegabonded,Journeyman61,iamvandy, Stresstests123, GexReza, Mr. Niceguy,timewaitsforno1, Lovelydreamer22, Rainbowcutie, Gucido1124, Karma 55, Starstruck223, Mr.Cence, Spiritttt, Isisgoddess, 02Destiny, Donomar34, Breezy64, kfab21, and Paputo.


Sleepyheads: Aura123, love them

Changes in the Schedule:  Two part day with breaks    MTWFS 10-noon PST; 3:00-6:00PM

Monday –Meditation and Inspiration Day—bring quotes and passages, Psychic testing (20 people)

Tuesday—Telepathy discover your insight and remote viewing abilities

Wednesday—Wacky Wonderful—puppets, jokes, self-card reading, color shows,

Thursday-OFF (You may make an advanced appointment for Private Chat) Good day for a e-mail reading)

Fridays—Star Talk Education and Surveys, Spiritual Laws and Principles, Star Master Card Shows

Saturday—Mystery Card—Members read from a select deck


Find me on Facebook   at SDiane Adamz Bogus or Lighthouse Healing Consultants.