Tuesday and Wednesday May 24-25 Chat Room Report–with love notes

Chat Room Report for Tuesday  May 24, and 25 2011

Private readings 1—May 24       May 25—-4

Members Count—72  May 24     May 25  80

New members with Love Notes—11


Natty909—bouyant and alert                                                     Crew Present Today and Yesterday

Calisboo—full of fun and forceful                                             Remzo90—helpful, steadfast

Bordercollie—loyal but inconspicuous                                    Ezangel—intelligent, spiritual

Rownbay-religious and growing                                                                Seraph777—purposeful, passionate

Nahready—pop culture fan, kewl                                            Raimy 18—Trooper spirit—first crew

Alewis24—shy and friendly                                                         Allispositive—accepting, beautiful

Karlabebe—Royal and worldly wise                                         Eternety—psychic, constant

BabyA92—loving and cuddle-seeking                                     Pinkyc—mature, complete

Ms Shelia—proper, self-aware                                                  G3 London—loyal, wholesom

Janet Ann— precise and cooperative                                     Sinisha—generous, ambitious

Lilicoco—curious, dispassionate                                                                JadedHeart—comprehensive, fair


For Telepathic Tuesday the room was full of players. The members tried to guess what

was hidden in bags and boxes.  The real test was what was written on the secret black and white

boards.   But Remzo, CyberTyper, Rebbeca, Selvi3 were the Psi stars because they guessed the object before anyone else. They got balloons and songs and bubbles for their wins!

The room made a cognitive leap from just uessing to seeing with their third eye the form of things. They saw the ankh as a flower and they saw the lighthouse as stocking leg—that was real good.

The Oracle sang “Om Shanti” about three times because some many people liked it and requested it.

The Oracle’s “Destiny” Lighthouse was on and it made everyone notice.


I Card Reading Wednesday—Last time!

This was the last official day for the promotional and free one card reading. The Oracle took the first 35 people and when they had been read for they said thanks and told the members if she was right on. She also made a  waiting list of 20 for those members who were not there when their number was called.

The room was full of talk tonight. Blossomingrose, Cybertyper and Eternety tried to direct the traffic to be quieter. Polka7869 was helpful and even gave Pochahantas a compliment. Raimy and Allis Positive suggested we bring famous inspiring quote to meditation Monday. The Oracle liked their idea and said fine!

The best user names: Pinkpartyrock. Happyface111, Flappintits, Startax, Shellbell, Lilolite,NatalieCat, Nahready4dis, Scorpio_capricorn28, birolorus, Divine Lust,  AlphaKennybody,Hopeful,Automatic Slim, Koolaidjammer,Pocahuntas, lolsmiley25. Orientalrose


Sleepyheads: Remzo90 and Lorelei—love them

Changes in the Schedule:

Monday –Meditation and Inspiration Day—bring quotes and passages  Psychic Testing  Prayers


Wednesday—Wacky Wonderful—puppets, jokes, self-card reading, color shows, card shows


Fridays—Star Talk and Education

Saturday—Mystery Card—Members read


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