May 23 Monday SDiane’s Fun Chat Room Report–Member love notes

Here are the members with private readings and 10 or more visits who were at Oranum today.


Sassie    polite and sweet, eager

Remzo90  intelligent   astute fair-minded

Emyrates  fly and princely unconventional

Patrick_be  Brotherly  introspective, honorable

Eternity attentive, evolving  mature

Raimy 18  moody, loyal, intense

Luscious Lioness   harried  strong self-reliant

All Is Positive    contradictory  peace loving  uncertain

Pinkyc   unfettered  faithful playful

Edlyn 25  teasing curious awake

Niwroc_D61–devoted  formal  rule keeper

Jaded Heart–cynical dutiful underdeveloped



Six Private chats   6 PRIVATES TODAY

EVERYDAY day-The goal for SDiane is 10 in a 5 hour day–2 per hour . Good job and thank you.

Raimy was the first one in the room and SDiane gave her the first balloon POP!

Niwroc–herded the visitors toward membership as usual. Big help to The Oracle.

Luscious and Cybertyper visited my new blog and reported good things–inspi. Cyber came up with her new Expert name. Ask her what it is. Its perfect.

Seraph harangued us about Lady Gaga some more.

Edlyn showed up too late for number on lists  for Monday free read.

SDiane discovered red white andblue 3 baloon pop.

No Bells today–

SDiane announced new programing: Meditation Monday and Wonderful Wacky Wednesday with new cards and revelations beginning June 1, and June 6.

New members included esperanzasanchez  . She insisted on a reading even after the 35 and Wait List were done.

Cowboicasanova withdrew membership saying,”I need time alone.”

BEST USER NAMES TODAY: Dragontamer    Africanqueen   Softballgirl  Mystic Scorpion  Luscious Lioness


PRAYER CIRCLE SUBMISSION  Kisses 85,  Dianagir,l  Pepestone, Patrick_be,  Edlyn25,  Luscious Lioness, Raimy18,   Eternety All Is Positive,  Jaded Heart,  Niwroc-D61,  Kassy 25,  Jessie Honey,  Husky Love, Alysium Dream, Zina0204, Sinisa, G3 London, Annlife, Lucmix, Awaken Angel,Lerret, Emyrates, Mystic Scorpion, Sassie, Ezangel